1. J

    Celestial pearl danio feeding habits

    Hi guys, i recently got 3 cpds for my 10g tank (will be adding more as time goes by, i do not want any ammonia spikes). They are a really shy bunch and they hardly ever eat the food i throw into the aquarium unless it has sunk to the floor. I have noticed that if they feel like eating they will...
  2. Ingrid

    Feeding fish

    How often should you feed your fish each day ?
  3. Cameronb_01

    Discus Fry Feeding

    Hi Guys, My discus have successfully spawned and created 20 wrigglers, (pic attached): I estimate they will be free swimming within around 24 hours. I just had a few questions regarding feeding. How much baby brine shrimp should I buy to feed them? How much should I give them per feed? How...
  4. J

    Feeding enough?

    First time fish keeper. Just set up new tank for first tim with 6 Danios. Shop sold me NTlab probiotic food - saying feed 2 ‘pellets’ per fish every 2 days. But the ‘pellets’ are minuscule grains. Almost impossible to Count out 12 ... and don’t seem nearly enough to feed all 6. Does anyone have...
  5. D

    Feeding and caring for Cardinal Tetras

    Hi guys, Will be getting my Cardinal Tetra’s next week thanks to Byron’s advice. Just a question about their general care and feeding. How many feeds a day? Quantities? Best fish foods? Other general care advice to make their lives happier? Thanks, Dan
  6. A

    How Much Do I Feed My Crayfish?

    Hello,    I just got a new crayfish about 1.5 weeks ago and I've been feeding it 1 shrimp pellet every other day, and a piece of lettuce very Saturday. Is this good? If it isn't, how much and how often should I feed it?   Thanks, Anto BTW It's a electric blue crayfish.
  7. T

    What Else Can I Feed My Fish

    I have a 55 gallon tank with guppies, blood eyed tetras, danios, 2 yo-yo loaches, a school of neons, and one red wag platy. I was wondering what else I can feed my fish besides tetra color tropical flakes? I want a nice and health tank. Also, what can I feed guppy fry? As a future reference...
  8. F

    What Should You Feed Clown Loaches?

    Hi everyone,   Just wondering you would feed crown loaches? Would it be okay to just feed them with normal tropical fish flakes like my other fish, or would I need to feed them something that floats to the bottom? Any suggestions would be great.   Many thanks,   Fishyfish890
  9. A

    Feeding Advice?!

    I have recently started building up a fish tank and I now have 4 guppies, 5 tiger barbs, 1 angel fish and 1 discus. As a treat I'd like to feed them frozen blood worms, would one full cube be too much for them? How much of the cube would be appropriate to feed them, also how many times in a day...
  10. NeonTetra97

    How Much And How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

    I asked this question to the staff at my LFS and was told to feed my fish twice a day but some places on the internet suggest every other day, once a week, in fact wherever i look i find something different! So, my question is how often do you feed your fish and roughly how much. Secondly in...
  11. LicianDragon

    How Often Should I Feed A Freshwater Pipe Fish?

    I recently set up a new tank with a freshwater indian pipefish. I'm raising brine shrimp for him right now but I'm not sure how often I should feed him. I'm hoping to train him to take freeze dried foods eventually but for the time being, how often should I add more live food to the tank?