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  1. P

    Identifying Types Of Guppies?

    It wasn't hard to tell their gender when I first got them, but I want to know: are they feeder or Fancy guppies? I got them for free because they were older fry.   They are rather plain looking, save for the male (and he sometimes has a black oval on each of his sides), and one female has only...
  2. rpgmomma8404

    Deformed Fantail Goldfish

    I've been trying to get as much advice as I can about this problem. I rescue some goldfish in May and have had them going strong since I got them. One of them is a fantail with a deformed mouth. He's been having swim bladder issues since day one but has been going strong up until now. It seems...
  3. AquaPit

    Video My Red Fancy Betta El Rojo's New House!

    A video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m1S3JRooZUE *Under Renovation*
  4. LicianDragon

    Does My Fancy Guppy Have Ichthyophonus?

    I've had a male fancy guppy for a little over a month now. A couple weeks ago I noticed him swimming with shaky movements. Then he started hovering at the back of the tank. He's gotten very emaciated and shows no interest in food. If it is Ichthyyophonus, would it be best to put him down since...