eye problem

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  1. thenaturalhales

    Advice on eye!

    I changed the substrate yesterday to sand to help keep my Cory’s safe and when I returned them back from the holding tank that had their tank water in it, one of my baby Cory’s eye looks really bad. I put some melafix in the tank but I think he’s be happier in the big tank than moving him to a...
  2. Guyb93

    What’s wrong with my tetras eye ????

    Fed my fish this morning and being a Sunday I don’t have work so sat and watched them for a hour and noticed this eye of one of my Colombian Redfin tetra, it’s not effecting him immediately but what is it ? His right eye is normal
  3. E

    False Julii Cory has one protuding eye

    Hey guys, I have a 29 gallon tank with 5 peppered Cory's, 4 False Julii Cory's, 8 Neons and one betta. Today I noticed that one of the Julii cory has just one eye that is protruding out and seems lethargic. The other one is fine. There is no redness around the bad eye. Anybody have any idea or...
  4. keka153

    Pajama Cardinal Eye Problem

    I just got my pajama cardinal and noticed his eye was swollen with a white looking film over it. Can someone please tell me what it is so that I can help him? I have attached a picture so that you could see it.