1. PumpKineTick

    Pet Fish keeps attacking the Filter Outlet

    So... I have a filter outlet, and my large predatory cichlid [really strong] likes to attack it, and locks onto it with his mouth. How do you stop a fish from doing something? How do you train a fish? That's all I want to know. (If he does this again)
  2. Falconwithaboxon

    Parameter test

    Hello, So I made a post a couple days ago about some of my snails dying and people told me that the API test strips I am using are not accurate so they might have been getting ammonia poisoning even though the strips tell me that it's not an issue. It's not surprising since they were the...
  3. G

    FREE 10 Gallon tank brand new- Chicago

    My kids gave up having a fish after only 2 months into it. We are giving away the tank and all equipment for free. You just have to come pick it up. Please call 312-493-0780 if you are interested.
  4. Tyler_Fishman

    Trouble reading thermometer

    Hi, I've had this thermometer for s long while but I'm confused if my tempature is at 75 or 80 degrees. Thanks
  5. dopey696

    beware Aqueon equipment

    Aqueon does not honor their own warranty, it is an empty promise that will never be fullfilled. I recently purchased a size 29 Aqueon tank and lid that did not fit together due to a manufacturing flaw. I contacted Aqueon customer service who responded to my concern by saying the lid not fitting...
  6. L

    Starting New 20 Gallon Long, Need Questions Answered.

    Hello, my name is Liam and I am semi experienced in the fish tank world, as I have a healthy 10 gallon tank with Dwarf Gouramis and White Mountain Minnows. That is a very basic tank that has fake plants and gravel substrate, but I am planning on making a 20 Gallon Long planted tank in the...
  7. Donya

    Common Marine Tank Equipment

    The following is a list of commonly used equipment for marine tanks broken down by the type of tank. Only the types of tanks typically set up by first-time marine aquarists are covered here.   Bare Bones Marine Tank Canister and/or hang-on filters for filtration  Power heads for extra flow Any...
  8. Cdb1992

    Help Me With 29 Gallon Setup?

    Hi, hope I'm in the right section. But I need advice. On Monday I'm going to be given a 29 gallon aquarium. I have a 10 with 1 sun catfish, 1 Raphael, 1 Pleco, 4 green Cory's , 2 very sexually active mollies(Dalmatian) an 2 unknown small tetras, all these will be transferred over to new tank...
  9. SLIM

    Pressurized Co2, Equipment, Flow And Fertilization

    Pressurized CO2, Equipment, Flow and Fertilization       First of all before I begin I would just like to say I am writing this article to help beginners understand fertilizers, CO2 and how to set up a pressurized system for planted aquariums. This is mainly so I have something to refer back to...
  10. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling 42 Litre (11.1 Us Gallon) Fish Tank & Equi

    Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction Equipment: 42 Litre (11.09 US Gallon) Glass Aquarium Lighting Unit (UK PLUG) Coral Gravel (AMOUNT IN PICTURE) Thermometer Filter (Will Do, However HIGHLY Recommend An...