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  1. Barry Tetra

    Elodea turning yellow

    Hi! So I’ve come back from vacation and noticed the difference in my elodea, all of them turning yellow and shredding leaves. The point here is that I forgot to get rid of duckweed and water lettuce before going on a vacation, it took over the tank and blocking the light from getting below...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Elodea keep releasing bubbles

    My elodea keep releasing bubbles for 3 days after I moved them to another tank, is there anything I should be worried about? @EllRog @Wells @Colin_T
  3. N


    Hi, I was just wondering if you have to plant Anacharis or if I can leave it floating. I don’t have enough substrate at the bottom to plant it right now, it’ll just float up. Should I get more substrate and plant it? Thanks!
  4. PrincessKiara

    How To Clean Ramshorn Snail And Elodea? Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sal

    Hello! I was poking around the 'Web and came up with a few solutions for disinfecting my tank, but since I really don't want to kill my guppy fry, I will try them all. Today I filled the tank with warm water and loads of table salt. Tomorrow, I'll drain and rinse it, then wipe it with vinegar...
  5. D

    Unhealthy Elodea! Help!

    Hi,   I have had a 120L tank for almost 1 year. Have experienced algae problem but not that serious...   Use ferts and DIY CO2   Two weeks ago I bought some Elodea from Pets@Home. They looked very healthy.   I planted them in group (5-6 stems together), in 3-4cm depth.   Now I found most of them...