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  1. ella777

    Kuhli Loaches?

    How many kuhli loaches should I get? I only have one currently, I was thinking 5 more? I'm pretty sure mine is a male, I dont want any babies. Should I get more males or will that cause fights? Can I get females and have no babies?
  2. Eardz

    Panda Corydoras Eggs

    Hi all, I found a few eggs from my panda Corydoras, I’ve never seen them breed and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Should I do anything special? I have just separated them within the tank for now. I’d love to see them hatch and grow to be strong fry and eventually adult fish to join...
  3. Unladylike

    Fish eggs?

    Can someone help me identify these eggs? We've only had our tank set up for 2 weeks. We've got a lot of live plants, including java moss and dwarf hair grass. We've got 5 glofish tetras, 5 turquoise rainbow fish, 2 panda gorras and 1 clown pleco. The eggs are on a piece of drift wood with Java...
  4. bettafishlover86

    strange egg/ white thing in my aquarium

    What is this thing in my aquarium? It is white with a goey outside, at least that is what it looks like. Kinda like a chicken egg with no shell. I have 1 male betta fish, 5 cherry shrimp, 1 mystery snail, and 1 small common pleco in my 29 gallon aquarium. ( The PetSmart label said "small" pleco...
  5. E

    Corydora Breeding Help - What am I doing wrong?

    I have one female and three male Peppered Corydoras that have been laying eggs like crazy, but I've had very inconsistent success. I always remove the eggs by rolling them off the glass with my finger so they stick to my finger, and then rolling them onto the side of another container. The...
  6. Cameronb_01

    Discus Egg Percentage-Yield

    Hi Guys, My discus recently spawned, (around three days ago). This time round, when I came to the tank and saw that the eggs had been laid, I covered the spawning cone with a makeshift cone-guard made from gutter-mesh. I also added a half dose of myxazin to the tank to try and get as many of...
  7. E

    Simplest way to take care of apple snail's eggs

    Hello there! I found a little surprise tonight when I got back from work. My little invertebrates made three "nests". I didn't notice before. One seems a little more white than the two others (the second picture) but they are pretty pink/red-ish. Sorry for the poor light, it is dark when I...
  8. irinasopas

    Introduction and Need urgent help

    Hello. My name is Irina, I love fish. I have an aquarium with guppys, bettas (3 females and 1 male) and others. My female betta is egg bound and I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME.
  9. cooledwhip

    I Think My Snail Laid Eggs...

    Hey all, I have had some blue mystery snails that I ordered online about 2 weeks ago, they came in last week. They are awesome and I love seeing them out of their shells. They aren't too timid, but of course like all fish if you stick your hand in they will go hide. Anyway, I saw one today by...