1. C

    Tank Humidity

    Hi, I have around 36g worth of aquariums. One 30g and one 6g I was wondering whether this amount would produce a lot of humidity for it to be problematic? The 6g is a fluval edge so has a complete glass top and the gap is also covered by a plastic grated top The 30g also has a hood, granted...
  2. ukdamon

    Fluval Edge 23L

    Hello, I love the look of the Fluval Edge, but I understand it can be a pain to maintain due to accessing the inside of it. Do any of you have a Fluval Edge for your shrimp and how do you get on with it? Obviously I would add a pre-filter sponge to protect the babies.
  3. ukdamon

    Warning about Fluval 60L 7000K LED

    I recently purchased a 60L Fluval Edge Aquarium with integrated filter and LED lighting. It's a lovely sized tank, but I wanted share a couple of issues with you in case you're thinking of getting one. The LED light is great, and super bright. It does have 3 modes. White, White & Blue and...
  4. L

    Please Help ! Tank Stocking Ideas For Fluval Edge 46L

    I have recently invested in a fluval edge 46l tank. Right now it has 2 plants in but I will be adding more. While the tank was preparing to be stocked I was won spidering what I could put in it. I would love a small fish shoal with neon tetras in or maybe mountain cloud minnows but would also...
  5. F

    Fluval Edge 46L Stocking?

    Hi guys, i've bought the new fluval edge 12g/46l and im really not sure what to stock it with. I was thinking some guppies with endlers and cardinals maybe? I know it a small tank you dont have to tell me that. Its all cycled and all the tests have been done. Thanks :)