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dwarf hair grass

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  1. Zikofski

    Zikofski new tank 110L / 24G

    I set this tank up a couple of months ago on 30th December, thought I should share what I have been doing and the struggles I have come across Tank is my Old 110L ADA 60H (45) I love these tanks for its super clean look and clear glass Lighting is my own custom made lights very high lighting...
  2. thrujenseyes

    really odd question regarding a glutton and hair grass

    Some of you may know that I have a guppy that is such a glutton that I'm always having issues with him. Obviously he was missing in line when the fish gods handed out brains. Anyway...his recent (about two weeks) is picking at the dwarf hair grass until a piece comes loose (or sometimes there...
  3. E

    Dwarf Hair Grass Yellowing

    What would be causing some of the dwarf hair grass in my tank to turn yellow? Lack of light? Lack of nutrients? I don't have special lights or dose ferts. I have a few clumps in different places, two of them are starting to turn yellow. All my other plants are thriving.
  4. J

    Could A Mixed Substrate Be Slowing Plant Growth?

    I've just set up a 50L high-tech planted nano tank about 3 weeks ago.   I won't bore you with the details of how this happened, but basically, I have a mixture of ADA Amazonia and Eco complete. If I had to guess I'd say it's roughly 40% ADA and 60% Eco.   The substrate, along with the filter...
  5. F

    A Comment To All You Dwarf Hair Grass Growers

    I always see posted people saying their Dwarf Hair Grass is turning brown. I too have/had the same problem. I have 45 plants with 12 Species of plants in a 65 gallon. I dose every other day with Excel Carbon and once a week Iron and my Dwarf hair grass was still Browning. All my other plants...