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dwarf cichlid

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  1. Z

    Sexing and species of apisto

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. I've named them Chopstick due to their pectoral fins being a creme colour with two pale dark lines through them, like a set of chopsticks. Chopstick has some blue markings on their face and an extremely thin orange band on the very top of...
  2. quinnARIUM

    Fish ID please?

    Looks like some sort of dwarf cichlid to me...
  3. H

    Can I add these fish to my 55 gallon?

    Ok so, I used to have a 10 gallon tank for a few years, but I recently (like 3 months ago now) got a 55 gallon. It started out with 5 Harlequin rasboras (plan to get 5 more) + 1 bristlenose pleco + 4 Kuhli loaches (all these from my 10 gal). Then I went to my LFS and bought 12 Longfin zebra...
  4. E

    Removing Eggs - Will it stop aggressive Rams?

    My GBRs recently spawned - but now they are stressing out all my other fish and actively seeking them out to chase them, even though they can't go anywhere. Will removing the eggs halt this territorial behavior until they next spawn?
  5. Seeker

    Stocking - Please Help, I Feel Lost!

    Hi all,   The OH and I are 99% decided on a Juwel Trigon 190 for our living room, but that's about the only thing we've agreed on!    We've been talking about stocking options as we want to decide on this before we buy the aquarium.  Unfortunately we both want different things from the tank, so...
  6. CJH0825

    Kribensis Fry

    I just looked in my Kribensis tank and have apprx 30 fry!! :) Question is, Should I remove the male or female from the tank or keep them in there? First time with Krib fry.
  7. RyanV

    30 Gallon Stocking

    I finished cycling my tank a few days ago and got 1 pair of apistogrammas, 3 oto cats, and 2 male german blue rams. The first 2 days the apistogrammas and the rams pretty much hid and didn't eat much. Today, the third day now, the apistogrammas were out a little bit more and the male rams...