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  1. Couwu

    Honest opinions on my tank?

    Hello there! So, my tank is a 150litre tank with 1antenae Placo, 1 Mosaik placo, 1male dwarf gourami, 2swordtails and a ton of guppies ( due to reproduction, can't estemate how many, but at least 30+ Inc. Fry) So I only had a big rock in the back which was the antenna placos territory and 5...
  2. K

    DIY decorations/accessories

    Not sure if this is posted int he right section of the forum, if not then admin please feel free to move it to somewhere more appropriate. I've managed to get hold of some beautiful pieces of slate which I am planning to cut down and make a cave/hide out of. My question is what is the best...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    A bit morbid

    So this is probably a bit morbid but I use my dead snails as a decoration in my tank. I love snail shells so if one happens to die I clean it out and put the shell back into my tank. Am I alone in this?
  4. sweeteybabey

    Just Some Random Questions!

    Hello everyone! My 20gal is finally cycled (after 17 days :D) and I'm beginning to buy stuff to fully decorate it. I was wondering if I can use trimmings of my ginseng bonsai tree for decoration? I would boil the leaves since I use bonsai ferts, but I wanted to check just in case it's harmful, I...
  5. Falconwithaboxon

    Driftwood and Rocks

    Hello guys, I am starting to decorate my new tank. All I have currently is the sand. I'm am doing heavily planted with driftwood and rocks. I was wondering if I could use any wood for the driftwood, so long as I clean it right. I live next to a couple rivers and a large lake so I have a lot to...
  6. RenC

    Calling all fish tank decorators!

    My tank has been looking a little blah to me lately. Any suggestions on how to make mine look less empty and better than it does now? (Front two plants are live) I’m up for all suggestions (:
  7. Tool13x

    DIY cement 3D background curing advice

    I have just recently attempted a DIY 3D background made from polystyrene and coated in cement, basically the same idea as you see here from the King of DIY. The construction went well and I am in the curing process but I am on week 6 and the pH is still rising. I let the cement cure for a few...
  8. dopey696

    Name That Plant

    I bought this plant from my lfs the other day, it was unlabeled and no one there knew what it was. Can anyone tell me what type of plant this might be?
  9. Mamashack

    Betta With Shredded Tail - Have I Done All I Can For Now?

    After advising other people what to do when their bettas have damaged fins/tails I now find myself in the very same position. He looked perfectly fine before I did his water change earlier today and I'm sure I would have noticed if it didn't look ok after but I honestly can't recall noticing...
  10. khial

    Beach/garden Rocks ?

    Hi all, I know this has probably been covered a million times before but... I have some rocks i found on the beach several years ago and have been in my garden since, so have been rained on/watered with the plants, will it be safe to put these in my tank? I have scrubbed them with hot...