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  1. foxgirl158

    What’s best?

    I just learned about a fish expo/swap near me that I hope to be going to. I am not currently looking for any more fish, however I do want to redo my tank soon. I want a more natural look, as at the moment it is all plastic. I would like some opinions and advice on what would be the best...
  2. T

    Update 2: 30 Gallon Tank (7/7/2021)

    Stocking: 4 Electric Blue Rams, 1 Bristlenose Pleco pH: 8.2 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 358 ppm KH: 7 dKH The pH increased a little bit from last week, but since the fish are acting fine I think it'll be fine. I think the rams and the pleco grew a little bit. One of the rams is now an...
  3. RenC

    Calling all fish tank decorators!

    My tank has been looking a little blah to me lately. Any suggestions on how to make mine look less empty and better than it does now? (Front two plants are live) I’m up for all suggestions (:
  4. JakeKPO

    Is it worth it?

    Hello All! I have recently stumbled upon this amazing decor (Below) and it is ~$38 after tax it comes with the fake mopani wood and 3 fake moss balls that i will probably not use i have real ones and this big plant in the back it is all fake so i like it because im a newbie i have a Fluval Spec...
  5. Dandx13

    Removing Driftwood/decor From Established Tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank with some driftwood and anubias attached to it, would it be alright if i took it out and added it to new tank because my fish keeps biting the leaves off. I was curious if it would create a mini cycle in the tank.
  6. FreshwaterAfishianado

    New Tank Decor Ideas

    So here is the 55 gallon I am setting up as a black water tank so far. I am still going to add some pea gravel and larger smooth stone to ty and make it look more like a river bed, I was debating whether u should add more sand though, its about an inch deep right now. What do you guys think? Any...
  7. kevingrods

    Hospital Tank Decor Needed! (Can't Find Anything)

    Hello everyone,    I am now addicted to decor and freshwater fish and tanks.  I started with a 16 gallon mega biorb and made that into a freshwater tank.  I have 5 glow fish, 3 green and 2 pink tetra's,  I also have 3 flaming red tetra's.  I had this tank set up for 2 weeks.  Incase a fish was...
  8. M

    Malawi Cichlid Tank Advice

    Hi can any one help ive got malawi cichlid tank ocean rocks expensive would cotswold rocks be ok to use . Saw some lovely one at local garden center much much cheaper then lfs prices for ocean rock . Getting new 6ft tank deliverd next week want to have big rockery aqua scapeing thing itd cost...