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  1. F

    Snail eggs?? Should I be concerned?

    Hey y’all! I’m Jon, and I’m new to the fish scene. Ive had all of my fish for 3 months now. They all get along well, and all are thriving. I was cleaning my tank today and I found this right above the surface, hanging from the middle part. I have a 55 gallon tank and here are my fish: 1 red...
  2. P


    Hi there, I’m new to the forum to ask advice on what the outcome of my HUGE mistake might be. I’ve had my ten gallon tank for a year now and have 4 platys and 3 snails in it. I’ve been told by the people at my local fish store that this isn’t an overloaded tank as long as I keep on top of tank...
  3. MyFishKaren


    Today I saw that my Dalmatian Molly had an overly bloated eyeball. I did some research to learn it was Popeye. I went to pet smart for help, they said to put him in an Epsom salt bath and to treat him with a medicine I cannot remember. Only one eye is affected, and he is the only fish to be...
  4. ChancesMama

    Need Help With Ammonia Levels!

    Okay so, I have been struggling with Ammonia for about a month and I think I know what I want but I need to be sure so this wont happen again. I have a 28gallon (roughly 106 litres), currently I have 8 neon tetras and 4 cherry barbs but they will be gone by next week. I first noticed my ammonia...
  5. S

    Ammonia Levels At 8.0 Ppm! Help!

    Hello, We recently noticed that out tiger barbs were just laying around, not eating as much, and losing a lot of color. We are beginners so we do not know much about taking care of fish tanks. It is a fairly new tank it is about 2-3 weeks old. So we bought an API Liquid Test kit and the levels...
  6. S

    Bristlenose Eggs - Are They In Danger?

    One of my male BN is harbouring his eggs in his cave I'm just curious whether I should move them. They're in a tank with about 12 corys 6 peppered 6 Julii and about 8 or so other BN 6 female 2 male and 8 rummynoses.    - Thanks Smelliot