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    Fishless cycled tank, dirty substrate

    Hi everyone I done a fishless cycle on a new tank using fish food (took about 2 months... horrid lol) problem now being that even after gravel vacumming, the substate is still dirty with rotting food and floating decomposed food I guess How can I properly clean the tank without affecting the...
  2. V

    Failed to cycle- now doing fish in

    My tank has failed to cycle after adding an ammonia source daily, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia all stayed at 0. I've done it for two months now with no results, so I decided I'm going to do a fish in cycle. I did a water change. My fish should be fine as long as I add Prime in every day. But...
  3. V

    Did my tank ever actually cycle?

    When I was a kid, my parents got me a 10-gallon tank. I don't remember if it was ever actually cycled. Then I upgraded to a 20 gallon. I don't think that was cycled, only the water in the old tank was transferred to the new tank. And everything else. The filter, decor, gravel, everything got...
  4. Z

    New tank help...

    Morning all, - I have been away from fish keeping for a few years an recently got myself a fluval Roma 200, I have started the cycle with Dr timms Ammonia ( @ 4 drops per US gallon this being approx 169 drops), i have tested for the last 2 days and ammonia is static at 5ppm according to the NT...
  5. S

    I Am Nearly Cycled?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if my tanks nearly cycled. I got some filter media from a friend, so I think it sped things up to a degree. The cycle started on 18th of june, I did a fish in cycle in a 55 gal.   My reading are:                          Ammonia - 0 started dropping 2 weeks ago and...