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  1. V

    Suspecting internal parasites - but won't arrive soon enough

    I suspect my corydoras have internal parasites. The medicine I was recommended can only get here by delivery, by then it might be too late. Is there anything I can do without having the medication? The suspected parasites kill my corydoras quickly after they show symptoms. They seem to be the...
  2. Ama

    Help!.... Need advise to cure my fish

    Today i noticed protruding scales on my platy and i immediately changed it into another tank, However, fish seems healthy for me and no swollen belly. Is that the sign of dropsy. What are the effective methods to cure the disease. And how to stop spreading the disease to other fish
  3. S

    Help curing tank of whitespot?

    So i suspect my tank has whitespot and i need to begin treatment to get it under control, just looking for a bit of help or advise! Got a african dwarf frog, plec, bamboo shrimp and a bengal loach in there as well im a little concerned about adding treatment to the tank with also. The tank uses...
  4. J

    Molly Tropical Fish Fungus?

    One of my balloon mollies seems to have a fungus, at least I am pretty sure that's what it is. She's the only one in the tank with it. I have treated it with malachite green and a bit of aquarium salt. My question is, firstly, does it seem I have made the right diagnosis, and secondly, how do...
  5. crunch7

    Help Needed To Save My Socolofi

    Hi all,   I found that my Socolofi had developed a red spot a week earlier. Despite doing water change and treating the fish with salt the red spot is increasing and now the fin is tearing apart. I have separated the fish however I dont know what to do. Please help me identify and cure this...
  6. B

    Help! What's This On Our Puffer And What Can We Do?

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help! Do you know what this may be on our Puffer and what may help him?   We love our puffer man so much and are perplexed as to his malady that has been developing over the past 10 days. It is a white area on his head. It is not raised, not cotton, but it...
  7. T

    Paroon Shark (Sick) Help!

    Hi ! I am new to this forum ><. Im not an expert in fishes. currently i am very worried about my paroon shark dying because ever since I have treated them with the medication to cure Ich on them, they started to have red streaks appearing on their pelvic fins (correct me if I am wrong) which is...