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  1. Cramer719

    Help! Fin Rot And Costia!

    Please help me. I have been fighting off Costia in my tank for about 3 days now. It seemed to be clearing up ok until now they have a very aggressive fin rot. I have no idea what to do at this point. I was told you shouldn't combine medications. Please help me. Also I am new to the forum so hello.
  2. N

    Sick Hengel Rasbora

    Hello people,   I'm new to the hobby and have my first tank (cycled and everything) have had fish in for over a month after the cycle and have low levels of ammonia etc and pH is good but have a problem with one fish.   Physical- I recently found that one of my rasbora had an angry red area on...
  3. A

    Nasty Salt Resident Costia

    Hi Guys,   I am new in this forum but not new in hobby. Since I could not find a section for fish sickness, I am posting my question as emergency here, please move it to the right section if you like.   Story started with two fancy Ranchu Goldfish imported from China that I have purchased with...