corydoras albino

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  1. CozyCat

    Feeding corydoras fry

    Hi My albino cories have started breeding over the last couple weeks and some of the eggs have hatched! This is my first time raising corydoras fry, I'm so excited!😄 I've done some research on how to raise them, but am still a little confused on what to feed them. They are between a few days...
  2. J

    Setting up new 55 gallon. Would like advice/opinions

    Hello, this is my 1st post. Let me say I am not a total newbie but it has been 20+ years since I have had anything bigger than a 10 gallon. Have had a 150 gallon in the past for a few years. I will be getting the rest of the new filter and new substrate (play sand most likely, but open to...
  3. P


    I'm hoping to get a quick response here but due to Hurricane Irma I'm evacuating and I'm taking some of my fish with me. I have a 16 gallon tropical aquarium that's in a safe place and I'll have someone able to check on them before and after the storm. In another tank I have a betta and albino...
  4. shack4L

    New 63L Tank Set Up

    Hi I'm Thomas 3 months ago I've started to work in a two PetShops in South London - UK Just couple days ago, did set up my first tank - never though like I will go into Aquatics... Of course I try to read and learn as much as possible.. but mistakes are done already. I have problem with Ph in...