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  1. G

    My cardinal tetra looks strange

    I’ve noticed my cardinal tetra, Timothy, is looking a little tubby. I was wondering if he is actually a pregnant girl or if he is constipated
  2. I

    Betta Fish Sick

    My betta (half a year old) is staying at the bottom of the tank and not going up to feed. I've seen him try to swim a few times and he can, but only for a few seconds before he quickly returns back to the ground. I think he can't keep his balance? He seems to move a bit sideways when he rests...
  3. R

    Help needed for my Betta!!!

    Hi. I've read and tried everything, yet my Betta has worsened and idk if he has minutes or hours left. I'll try to be informative, detailed, yet not too lengthy here. Please bear with me... I HAVE OVERFED HIM. He ate pellets, too many, and very occasional blood worms. After adding tankmates oh...
  4. fishperson100

    Bloated Betta

    Hey everybody! So, one of our bettas has been looking a little fat lately, and today he has been sometimes just letting himself float on his side. I don't know if he is constipated or has swim bladder disease, so I was going to let him fast for a few days, and change a bit of water everyday...
  5. thrujenseyes

    What to do with bloated male guppy

    This is what happens when I try to ensure that my otocinclus' get fed. This piggy (and his four endler friends) gorge themselves and now this guy seems in a pickle. Seems he can't poop. The only way I can make sure my ottos get fed is to distract the fish with a small piece of algae wafer or...
  6. M

    Is My Pleco In Danger?

    I have a almost 4 inch bristlenose pleco that I have always believed was a male, but quite recently he's gotten REALLY fat! I heard plecos can get constipated (?) and can die from it so I have started to worry! Maybe he is a she though and she's just full of eggs???   He/She is about a year old...