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    Clownfish has white slime! Help!

    Hi, please help, any advice is appreciated! My sisters clownfish has these “spots” and has has them for a couple of weeks. Her smaller clown had them and now they’re gone, but this one is still “infected”. He has been acting fine and eating like normal, thanks in advance.
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    My clown fish are looking kinda weird i need help! I have them for some weeks but now they look like they have e embossed skin?( You can see some white spots too, idk if its just the light) And are losing some colour on the top, they're getting kinda dark and one of them looks kinda on the same...
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    Replacement Clown Fish

    I have 70 gallon reef tank for over 9 yeard, with Hipo tang, yellow tang, wrassse, flame angel and two percula clown fishes.   And I have 4 large rose anemome that the clown fish live in.   I have had a mated pair of true percula clown fish for over 9 years.   They continuously lay eggs every...