cloudy water

  1. Meg0000

    cloudy water

    Hi, my water is still cloudy it has been running for now 2 or 3 weeks (not so sure) and for the first few days I could almost not see the back of the tank and now it has improved but still far from perfect. I did a water change today and now I feel like it is worst, there is some paricule of I...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Very Cloudy Water

    I have a 29 gal tank that is overstocked on fish that grew significantly larger than what was posted on Wikipedia and websites (for example, 4" fish have become 6" fish). I have another fish tank on order but it will take time to cycle before I can move some of my fish into the new tank. I...
  3. J

    Cloudy water 2 days after set up

    Im very new to having fish, so just figuring things out. I set up my tank on Tuesday. I did everything as I should have eg rinsed the tank, rinsed the gravel etc I added the Bio-boost and Tap water conditioner as instructed to by the aquatic shop I bought the tank from and followed the...
  4. Angiemckgraye


    Can anyone help me please. Sorry if question has been asked before. I bought a new 105 litre tank on Sunday. I have sand as substrate (as want Cory fish once tank is cycled) NO FISH IN THE TANK. I rinsed sand until the water was clear. Added decorations which were also rinsed. However I added...
  5. E

    Water Polishing?

    Has anyone ever used powerheads with a water polisher attached? If so have you had success using them and what kind did you use? As far as chemicals go can anyone give me some recommendations to help clear up my water? Or possible filter media that could help with clarity?
  6. notg2009

    Did Algaefix Kill My Silver Flying Foxes?

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since my water has been cloudy and I have been seeing small particles floating around even after water changes. I also see small white specs on some plants. I think this is an algae problem, but am hesitant to use AlgaeFix since I lost two of my three silver flying...
  7. R

    Cloudy Water 8 Fish Died!

    Hi I'm new to this forum I'm hoping someone can help me. I diagnosed one of my fish having fin rot (kissing gournami) and I bought some medicine and took out the carbon and treated the the tank I also added more filter media/swapped it with the carbon. A couple days later my water started to get...
  8. jessithebuckeye

    Freshwater Cloudy Water/water Change Advice Needed!

    Hello! (Main question in bold if you don't want to read the whole back story!)     A quick back story, I purchased a Gold Dust Molly from Petco after my Betta passed away because they said it would be okay in a 2.5 gal filtered tank. (THANKS A LOT, PETCO!) Anyways, one day later she had 14 fry...
  9. Trod673

    Persistent Cloudy Water

    I set up a 29 gallon with 2 black moor goldfish. I cycled the tank first, took about a 7 weeks, with some established media, and after a week or so of putting them in there the water was a little cloudy. I added carbon to my filter, and left it in there for about a week. The water was crystal...
  10. A

    How Do I Use Filter Wool?

    Opinions please. I'm a newbie with tank set up using a fishless cycle started in July and finished in early September. I've got a 54 litre tank with a Stingray 10 filter. the fish are healthy but my water keeps clouding up. I'm doing a weekly 60% water change and alternately rinsing one of the...
  11. T

    What Is My Plant? Why Is It Furry? Will It Survive A Fishless Cycle?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site, and general tropical fish scene. I've got a 23L Fluval Edge tank, and did relevant homework on fishless cycling. I bought a water testing kit, and am waiting on my pure ammonia. In the mean time I filled my tank with gravel and the first layer of plants. First...