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  1. MylesVinno

    Sucking Catfish Non-Stop Circling On Side Of Tank

    Hi everyone,   Today, my sucking catfish started going to the right hand side of the tank and swimming in large circles along the glass repeatedly, in a very fast paced manner. He has never done this before and is still doing it as I type  .  A possible reason that I think could have caused it...
  2. MadameFizzgig

    Erratic Behavior - Please Help?

    I have a violet Goby who is typically very calm and usually hangs out on the bottom of the tank. However, lately he's been swimming back and forth across the tank, going to the bottom and then coming back up in a circular pattern.   I've added prime to the water, and stress guard, and his SG is...
  3. M

    Gourami Darting Around And Swimming In Circles

    Hi, I've had my three gourami, 2 golden and 1 blue, for about a year now. Recently one of them has been darting around the tank, hitting itself on the gravel in the bottom of the tank and then jumping out of the water and hitting the lid. After doing that for a few seconds it will drift around...
  4. A

    Bubble Molly Swimming In Circles

    I've only been keeping fish a little while so I'm definitely rather new. I noticed my black female bubble Molly swimming in circles about an hour ago. Other then a kinked tail she seems okay. It seems more like her tail is stuck to the right. All of her fins are moving fine. She's not hovering...