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  1. E

    A stocking question

    Just wondering if I could I add cherry barbs? Current stocking is: 6 otocinclus 5 duplicareus corys 7 bronze corys 6 neon dwarf rainbowfish Ph is 6.8/7.2 Water hardness is 13 degrees German but softened by tannins and Indian almond leaves. Tank is 101x41x50cm (about 55 gallons). Thanks!
  2. ukdamon

    Betta and Cherry Shrimp

    Does anyone keep a Betta with their shrimp? How do they get on? Does the Betta eat all the young?
  3. M

    My Planted Tropical Tank

    Well with my new found love for aquariums i thought it best to share my little pals in a short clip on my planted tropical aquarium. Hope you like it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExS-nDH2BL4&feature=youtu.be
  4. AquaPit

    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    Finally! It's ready! I have been contemplating on setting up a shrimp tank for a few months back and now it has become a reality! I'm gonna be so addicted to this tank for sure! Even though it is just a cute, mini tank.. Hahaa! Info: 10litre(3 US Gal) Gex HOB Filter Cooling Fan 10xRed Rili...
  5. AquaPit

    Shrimp Dying Phenomenon

    Hi I have read somewhere that shrimps have a survival instinct where they will die for the sake of the new generation (in this case shrimplets). Especially the males. If I remembered correctly, they do so because they want the new generation to survive and if the adult Male shrimps die, the...
  6. ChancesMama

    Transferring Fish

    Hello all! I have a small dilemma but I have to have an answer pronto!     I have a 28 gallon tank that is currently housing 8 neon tetras and 4 Cherry Barbs. I've been having a constant struggle with the Ammonia levels and have decided to get rid of all my fish and start over. This being said...
  7. B

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sale

    Does anyone have or know of any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale?   Ive had a new tank 80l setup for 3months with a trio of betta splendorus in. I WANT SHRIMP. so bad   Does anyone have any shrimp for sale. Id prefer hi qual red cherrys but id be interested in nice bumblebees or anything new =)  ...
  8. S

    My First Planted Tank

    Hey all, I've been keeping fish for about a year now and want to tackle my first planted aquarium. You guys have given amazing advice in the past and I would appreciate some tips on what will be my first attempt at a planted tank.   My tank is small in size, roughly 20 - 25 litres.   First of...
  9. Brahmza

    Cherry Shrimp And Multie Cichlids!

    Hey everyone! I have a few questions about both mentioned in the thread name.   I'm interested in starting a cherry shrimp colony. I have two tanks, a 15g and a 10g, available. Both are already up and running with established filters, etc. Curious what a good starting number would be, and what...
  10. ron4sum1

    Red/yellow Cherry Shrimp In Leeds Centre

    Hello, I'm looking to buy the shrimps mentioned above around 10 pieces, please. I'd prefer to meet up in Leeds Centre for the exchange, or I could walk to your place if you could guide me! :D Thank you very much! Ronald
  11. ron4sum1

    Wanted: Cherry Shrimps That Are Not Red In Leeds

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for any varieties of shrimps that are preferably not red. Collection can be arranged, and I'm only available to collect in Leeds Centre. Thanks! Please include the Price :)