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  1. L

    Planning a DIY canopy

    Hi all I've not been on here for years. Started fishkeeping about 15 years ago and this site was invaluable when I was starting up. I've stripped down a tank and currently cleaning it ready for a new scape. As part of this, I'm going to build a whole new hood. I need the whole set up to be...
  2. ktink

    Catfish has skin lesions and the skin is peeling off. Very worried.

    About 3 weeks ago I transferred my catfish who I’ve had in a 45 gallon tank for about 7 years to a new 75 gallon tank. About two days ago I noticed that he had some fairly large white spots on his back and close to his tail. As of today his skin is peeling off in three places and it seems to be...
  3. L

    Pls help newbie!!

    Hi all, brand new to this site and aquariums! Very much need help!! I set aquarium up and was looking to get variety of bright coloured fish (not sure of type) it didn't happen.... A random neighbour smashed their tank and put into bin area! I noticed two fish in the freezing cold water, so...
  4. cooledwhip

    Will Different Strains Of Corycats School Together?

    I have 4 green corydoras aeneus: https://imperialtropicals.com/collections/south-american-catfish/products/green-cory-cat-corydoras-aeneus?variant=20828289985   and I want to get more. Mine are fairly new and are about 1-2 inches in size right now. Would albino corycats school together with...
  5. sawickib

    Silver Rosetted Bengal

    Alright so I finally got my dream cat, its a female bengal, I was originally hoping to get a brown male, but she's still beautiful and playful a little to playful though! As of right now i cant only get pictures of her sleeping because shes so active!!! She seems to get a long with my cat Skat...
  6. TallTree01


    Okay, I think my cat has drank prime. Why: 1. The bottle of prime was open on my desk 2. The cat was in the house 3. The bottle was knocked over. 4. Was sniffing it and had her head in the bottle and was licking the inside. So, will this kill her? Will this make her sick? How bad is this in a...
  7. I

    Oto Cat Paralysis? Dying?

    Hello. I joined this forum to ask this question. Here's my current tank set-up: I have a 20 gallon tank with an under-gravel filtration system as well as a new power filter (rated for 20-30 gallon aquariums). I don't have a good water testing kit but the pH is pretty much 7.0, no detectable...