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  1. V

    Close call story with fry

    I was doing a water change when I noticed one of my platy fry in the bucket. I had already dumped out most of the water. I probably didn't notice him at first because water isn't the only thing that gets sucked out (Gunk, fish poop, my sand if I'm not careful). Since the bucket was nearly empty...
  2. V

    Is there a way to reverse siphon- using it to add water?

    I know that siphoning removes water and cleans out waste from under the gravel. But in water change, you have to replace the water. However, I haven't gotten it to flow the opposite way. With a bucket of clean water, I placed the siphon in headfirst and the plastic pipe end into the tank. I...
  3. V

    Maybe this isn't the best hobby for clumsy people

    As a clumsy person, I've had my fair share of struggles. I always end up spilling some water on the floor during water changes. I accidentally tipped over the bucket I was using for a substrate swap, so I had to start over. I spilled a water test on the floor when I meant to dump the liquid in...
  4. Circus

    A Quarantine... Bucket?

    Instead of using a glass tank, could I possibly get a bucket to qt incoming or sick fish? One I could pull out when needed and just seed the filter with gravel and sponge media from an established filter. I am thinking a rectangular 5 gallon (or so) container I can store in the closet when not...