1. V

    Is there a way to reverse siphon- using it to add water?

    I know that siphoning removes water and cleans out waste from under the gravel. But in water change, you have to replace the water. However, I haven't gotten it to flow the opposite way. With a bucket of clean water, I placed the siphon in headfirst and the plastic pipe end into the tank. I...
  2. V

    Maybe this isn't the best hobby for clumsy people

    As a clumsy person, I've had my fair share of struggles. I always end up spilling some water on the floor during water changes. I accidentally tipped over the bucket I was using for a substrate swap, so I had to start over. I spilled a water test on the floor when I meant to dump the liquid in...
  3. Circus

    A Quarantine... Bucket?

    Instead of using a glass tank, could I possibly get a bucket to qt incoming or sick fish? One I could pull out when needed and just seed the filter with gravel and sponge media from an established filter. I am thinking a rectangular 5 gallon (or so) container I can store in the closet when not...