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  1. H

    How to get more oxygen in my tank? I have a bubble wall

    I have a bubble wall in my aquarium and I was wondering how to get MORE oxygen in my tank, other than live plants. Should I put in another bubbler, like an air-stone and have them run at the same time? My little cories just don't seem to be getting enough oxygen. I also keep my filter running...
  2. Falconwithaboxon


    Do I need a bubbler for my tank? I have 1 running in each back corner currently but don't want them if I don't need them. It is a 45g (36Lx24Hx12W) It has live plants, rocks, and driftwood as decorations. Stocklist: 2 Opaline Gourami 2 Angelfish(Unkown what specific type) 8 Black Skirt Tetras 8...
  3. B

    Diy Sponge Filter For Guppy Fry Tank

    I found a really nice cylinder jar at the thrift store that holds about 6 gallons of water or so. I have my new born guppy fry in there with a bubbler/airstone and a live plant. Every night I siphon out the waste that settles at the bottom with a hose or turkey baster and replace with treated...
  4. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Tank Aerator?

    Hey Guys!   So this is my first post so ill tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryan, im 13 and I am an aquarium enthusiast!  A couple of years ago I had a 30g livebearer tank and it went downhill from my lack of knowledge on cycling and just immature keeping in general. So I now have...