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  1. Guyb93

    Separating a breeding pair

    Iv been thinking for a while about separating my breeding pair of electric blue acara , as the female is starting to loose size , well not loose size but not growing at the rate of the others in the tank , I put this down to her laying eggs every 14 days and as a fierce mother she won’t leave...
  2. Reddd.head

    Planning on breeding this pair!

    Hey!I have a beloved purple elephant ear betta female, and a close friend of mine has what I believe to be a pretty half moon male betta that we’d like to breed and get offspring from, which we’d be keeping in our own collections! Take a look at this pair and let me know what you think! What...
  3. F

    Moving House - All of my beautiful angelfish must go ASAP to expert homes before 6th August 2017!!!!

    Hi everyone, It breaks my heart to write this, but all of my angelfish that I have been nurturing as a hobby for around 6 years must go as I am moving house. In total I have 3 breeding pairs, two of which still have their children with them, and quite a few single adults. They are all in...
  4. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Adult (wild caught) beautiful finnage/colouration/behaviour Quantity for sale: 2 (both 5-6") Reason for Sale: Clearing Stock Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 for the pair Postage & Packaging: N/A Photograph: See below I have a group...