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  1. Barry Tetra

    Need something to read

    I need an article to read about the followings; (please send me the link, not the normal google article but the Textbook kind) 1. GH, KH and why it's nescessary? 2. Beneficial Bacteria doesn't live in water but in substrate and filter 3. Blackwater wild discus stuff??? 4. Blackwater Biotope...
  2. Barry Tetra

    New book!

    Just got the book ordered from Amazon The Manual of Fish Health It's a book about treatment and what happen to it's internal when they're in distressed Warning!!! Gross image of dead fishes, I almost throw up when reading this while eating my breakfast not knowing what's inside!
  3. Barry Tetra

    Fishes book

    I want to find some fish books to read while in quarantine, any recommended? I prefer fishes species and aquascaping books.
  4. fishperson100

    Favorite Aquarium Books

    Hey all! I’m thinking about purchasing some aquarium books to have on hand (and because they are fun to read :)). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  5. monahan95

    Good African Cichlid Books?

    Does anyone know any good books about african cichlids? Ideally I would like a book that contains all the different species from the 3 lakes but any book I've found of that nature costs a minimum of £150  Does anybody know of any good books that cost around £30?