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bolivian rams

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  1. J

    Angels an Bolivians

    Ok so in a couple months I plan to get a 45 gallon tank. And I want fish from the Amazon. I really want angelfish but also would like a Bolivian Ram. Could I have both? what is the most angelfish I could fit with a Bolivian Ram in this tank?
  2. LunaBug

    Jerk Face One And Two...neon Tetras In A Semi Aggressive Tank

    So I recently began stocking my 36gallon bowfront and decided to go with a semi-aggressive theme. I added a pair of angels and a pair of bolivian rams to start with and everything was going great. I noticed my white cloud minnows were outgrowing their home in with my betta so I moved them over...
  3. David J

    Sexing My Bolivian Rams

    Hi I've just bought 2 bolivian rams at the weekend. I have tried to get one male and one female but as I'm sure some of you know, it's not all that easy. Here is a pic. The best pic I've managed to get tonight that shows them reasonably close and you can see their vents. I will try for more...
  4. David J

    Bolivian Rams

    Hi In the next few weeks I am getting some Bolivian rams and I'm doing some more research on them now. Can anyone answer the following: 1/ How many should I get? I have a planted 90L tank. I would like a breeding pair but I'm getting differing advice on whether to simply get 1m and 1f or 1m...