bog wood

  1. S

    Happy Tanks

    ok so I’m new here. We all need help from time to time ..... this is why I sought out a forum in the first place, was for advice. On the flip side .... I would like to see everyone’s happy fish, your proud moments, your aquascapes, your monumental centrepiece fish, anything like that. Something...
  2. T

    Plant help

    Hi, I have a 200litre aquarium with sufficient filtration in the form of the Jewel bioflow arrangement, and a Eheim 250 external filter, which I have plants in. Firstly I'm trying to bind some Anubis plants (I think) to some bog wood from my LFS. I've tied them down with cotton thread as...
  3. sputnick

    School Project

    Hey guys! Im currently a senior in high school and for my speech class we have to do a demonstration speech. As soon as our teacher told us this my mind shot strait to doing a tutorial on how to aquascape an aquarium!    So i thought this would be a great oportunity to do my first journal!   As...