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blackghost knife

  1. shaziasadiqah

    What is this on my Blackghost Knife Fish?

    as i watch my tank tonight i notice that my blackghost knife (BGK) have this small white stripe on his/her body that really worry me. he/she just move to a new tank about two weeks ago and still hides a lot but eating normally and swimming around normally during the night. i do have a piece of...
  2. shaziasadiqah

    Finding the Right Algae Eater

    So, in my 57gal i have two blackghost. They seem to be very enjoying their new tank because it has lots of plants and rocks to hide. the thing is, now the tank have a lot of algae, so much that it worries me that it might take over the whole plants in there. can someone give me any advice to...
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Upgrading to a new tank

    So, my 57gal is cycled and ready to go. I put my two blackghost knife and add 4 angels. They are happy and no one seem to bother anyone. i know they needed a bigger tank and i do plan to upgrade it to a 100 or 150gal next year. i got the substrate from the old tank, plants, stones and filters...
  4. shaziasadiqah

    Finding the right tank mates.

    So, after asking around about how big of a tank I need for my two blackghost knife fish I got many helpful answers and already bought the tank, I just started the cycling process today. I know that the right size should be 120x60x60 cm tank, but the biggest I could get (budget and space wise) is...
  5. shaziasadiqah

    Is something wrong with my BlackGhost Knife Fish?

    So, in November i notice that my BGKF fins are not as usually, it is looking like tassel. So, i quarantine him because i’m scared if it’s a disease that could spread around it might got to his friend, another BGKF. i gave him Methylene Blue and Arciflavine bath every other day and wait. After...
  6. shaziasadiqah

    Need Help Upgrading My Tank For BlackGhost Knife

    I have two BlackGhost Knife they are about 7cm in size at the moment. I know my 20gal Tank is not the right tank for them so i've been planning to get a bigger tank, but how big should i get? is 75gal enough for them? I know my house is small but i want to give them the proper tank. Please...