1. B

    Sick Betta

    Hi everyone! I’ve had my betta fish for just over a year and he hasn’t been doing great for the past week so I’m reaching out because I’m not sure what to do at this point. Over the summer I noticed his fins started getting tattered and he had black bits on the ends, meaning he definitely had...
  2. F

    Not sure to be concern or not (betta fish)

    Hey not sure if this is stupid or not but I fed my betta fish a piece of cucumber and a small piece floated somewhere and I’m scared it could somehow kill my betta fish.
  3. G

    bloated betta due to live frozen bloodworm feedings

    My boy Pisces was having trouble eating this past 10 days because he wasn’t feeling well. Now he’s back to his old self but now after feeding him live frozen bloodworms his belly is bloated but I do see tiny feces coming out. The people at the petsmart store said that I can cut the block in half...
  4. G

    i need help with my butterfly betta

    My beautiful Pisces hasn’t been eating for almost a week. I tried feeding him freeze dried food (bloodworms, aqueon color enhancing pellets, mysis, daphnia, and even live bloodworms) nothing i feed him has worked. I tried the garlic treatment that helped a bit and he ate one pellet but that...
  5. Renvdn

    Does my betta have Velvet? I’m so worried

    my betta was sold to me as a green white mask betta from a very trusted breeder. Since then he’s turned all blue. maybe I’m just paranoid but when shining a light on him he has a gold sheen, it may just be his coloring but without a light shining on him he is perfectly blue with no signs of...
  6. W

    My betta may be dying. I need help.

    I have a sweet little half-moon female bettaI've only had around for maybe a month and a half now. Last night she got sucked into the filter intake (it didn't have a cap and I didn't notice it was defective) and she came out pretty strong once I unplugged it, bent up a bit and missing scales...
  7. musicalbetta

    Treating Betta for Fin Rot Questions?

    My betta fish recently contracted fin rot unfortunately, so I began treating him. I’m kinda new to keeping bettas btw, but I started treating him with API fungus cure. It contains malachite green and acriflavine. I also have a nerite snail, so to be safe, I put him in another container which I’m...
  8. musicalbetta

    Betta Question (non-emergency but important)

    I have a male betta fish that seems to be unusually aggressive. He likes to try to nibble my finger a lot when I feed him (he jumps). Also recently I cleaned his tank and removed all algae growing on the glass which probably lets him see his reflection better, so he flares his gills a lot more...
  9. H

    Rescue Betta and Fin Rot

    I recently bought a new betta from the dreaded Walmart. His antiseptic water had faded from bright blue to clear, he had absolutely no food, and it appeared that he has a pretty terrible case of fin rot. I've had many happy and healthy bettas and when I saw his condition it broke my heart to see...
  10. J

    Help Sick Betta

    Please help us figure out what is wrong with our sick betta fish, Indigo! We have had him for 10 months and recently he has been acting very strange. He lays at the bottom of his 2.5 gallons filtered and heated tank and doesn’t move. We thought he was dead but his gills are moving, and when you...
  11. musicalbetta

    my enraged betta fish

    I have a betta fish named Thomas Jefferson & he's a very healthy fish in a 5 gallon tank, but everyday he flares his gills and gets into that betta fighting mode. I tried my best to prevent him from seeing his reflection too much, but he still acts the same. He lives with a nerite snail named...
  12. BettaLuver

    Sick Female Better Fish

    Hello all! I hope I'm posting this in the correct area (been a while since my last log in). Posting this in hopes of some of you helping me out with a sick female betta fish. She lives in a 5.5 gallon tank with 2 red cherry shrimps. The tank has been cycled months ago (ammonia: 0, nitrite: 0...
  13. musicalbetta

    Bettas in the morning

    So whenever I turn on my betta fish's lights in the morning and try to feed my betta, it usually takes about 5 minutes for my betta to actually swim up from the gravel and eat the food. I was wondering if bettas need a bit of time to actually wake up and have energy?
  14. Crazy_fish_mom


    I'm new to the forum thing but I'm excited to share what I know. I currently have these fish and tanks: 10gallon Mr. Whiskers-Gourami Rebel-Betta Adam-Cory Catfish 6 ghost shrimp- unnamed 5 gallon Midnight-Betta Cory 1&2- Cory catfish 2.5 gallon Luka-Betta 2 gallon Phoenix- Betta...
  15. argoma

    Clear Fins

    Hello everyone!   So i got a betta about one week ago. It's my first betta fish ever. I have kept many goldfish before and my last two ones died because of fungus so i decided to get a betta because they are so beautiful. I went to my local fish store to get one and they had many females but i...