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  1. jennaa

    weird nitrite levels & fish won’t eat

    i’m new here so im not really sure if anyone will see this but i’ll give it a shot… Alright so my betta won’t eat. She actually hasn’t eaten in 9 days !! :( here’s a little back story… I got her about almost a month ago BUT i just learned about cycling my tank right after i got her bc the...
  2. C

    Possible poorly female betta

    Hi, This is my first keeping of Bettas and I have had a female in my community tank for about 6 months. Water levels are fine Amonia/nitrites 0 pH 7. She has a white patch on her head behind one eye, and I have tried treating it with white spot/ fungus meds and a general tonic none of which...
  3. H

    Possible parasite?

    I just got another betta a few weeks ago and noticed a white substance right in front of her lower fin, on her belly, when I got her. It’s there while she poops, her poop appears segmented but brown. She’s from PetSmart in a split 20 gallon with another female I got at the same time. they had a...
  4. BBfishes

    Clamped fins and shredding tail treatments

    What should I do to treat a platy with clamped fins and a shredding tail? This happened over a period of two days.
  5. JackieP

    I think my betta fish has fin rot

    Her fins really just look bad to me. They’ve darkened and it looks like they’re becoming smaller. I think she actually just had dropsy which is now better because of the epsom salt baths. I know dropsy is just a symptom of a disease. Let me know what you think.
  6. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  7. K

    Help! What is up with my Betta?

    Hi! Purchased my betta the 11th of February and he took a while to acclimate to the new environment and begin eating but he has been fine until recently. He lives in my dorm with me and continues to eat and be active. See attached images to see what I mean about him looking less fine. He appears...
  8. JackieP

    Does my betta have dropsy??

    So I’ve posted a thread about this a week ago. I thought it was bloating or constipation and I fasted her for three days and started feeding her less and it just seems like it’s gotten worse. She used to swim around so much and now she just kinda floats near the top. I’m scared it’s dropsy but...
  9. JackieP

    Does my betta fish look bloated?

    I feel like I’ve seen her skinnier than this. I think she might be constipated but I’m not sure. I tested my water everything’s fine. I fasted her for a day but I see like no change. I feed her four pellets a day during the week and frozen blood worms on the weekend. Please help thanks.
  10. B

    fin rot wont go away

    this is my first betta ive gotten. a couple weeks after i got him, i was unable to go to the house with the fish because it was contaminated with covid. when i got back, my fish had fin rot. this was around the beginning of the year. i immediately did a full tank clean, took out sharp decor, and...
  11. JesskaSky

    Help! Is this fin rot? or fin nipping?

    Hi there! First post here, unfortunately has to be about my beloved betta ): I'm leaning more towards this being fin nipping so if that's the case what are some good tips on repairing? I have had two mollies in with my betta (both are now sitting in my fry saver till I can rehome) in my...
  12. J

    Betta with a weird white patch on it's side.

    I noticed my Betta has a white patch on his side today, it wasn't there yesterday, it's a decent size for it to just appear out of nowhere. I'm worried it could be a tumor, but it appeared so fast I'm not sure if it's a tumor, or an abscess, or a bacterial infection. The water condition in the...