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  1. Stefan3289

    Beta community tank ideas?

    i currently have two platies, a white dragon beta, and two cories in my 10 gallon tank and I just got a 29 gallon tank. I know I can mix mollies, platies, and cories with the beta but is there anything else someone knows could work or has had success with? If not I will make a platy and molly...
  2. A

    Wounded Betta fish?

    Hi, This morning I noticed something was wrong with my Betta fish. I've had him for about 4 months but I recently moved him out of my 110 litre tank to a 22 litre tank (about a month ago) as he was too aggressive to my other fish. Since then he has settled in well and the water levels have been...
  3. J

    Upcoming bubble nest? (Pictures)

    Hi all. I'am keeping a male betta fish in a 20 litre tank. In the past couple of days i have had a sudden abundance of small bubble in his tank. They are sparsely spread out along the surface and are not like the ones you would regularly see on google. I have read that some nests can be spread...
  4. M

    Female Betta and Male Betta

    So I have a question. I've had my male betta and female betta in the same tank for over a month and they always seemed at peace, no fighting none of that. But just minutes ago I heard a noise coming from the tank and saw her chase him. To me it's been normal since she would usually stop after a...
  5. C

    Betta has clamped fin after being in tank for 2 months.. HELP!!

    I am fairly new to the hobby of fish keeping (been about a year since first fish) and I have a female betta in a ten gallon tank along with a nerite snail and a ghost shrimp, which are very happy. I haven’t been doing water changes as regularly as I should, but I am planning on starting them...
  6. B

    Dying Betta?

    Hey all, I'm really hoping for some fast info here. So I purchased my Dragon Scale Betta, Taki, From Pet-smart on Saturday (It's now the next Friday as I write this). The first two days he ate his pellets no problem and probably could've kept eating for a while. After that he started only eating...
  7. M

    My betta has popeye?

    Hi all, im a beginner, my 3rd week with my betta. I would like to check with you if my betta has popeye. Everytime i come home at night and turn on the light, he acts like blind for 15mins, banging plants or the tank! :(( After that though, he is normal, active and eating fine. I tried to...
  8. T

    Is my 13 gallon freshwater tank adequately stocked?

    1 male betta 2 tiger nerite snails 5 peppered cory catfish 3 ghost shrimp I have yet to get the shrimp but I believe it will add to the tank variety well. Also, my betta is fairly peaceful and chills with the cories often. I have a 13 gallon widescreen aqueon tank, a decent size. I treat the...
  9. K

    Help, Confusion About Treating Ich

    Hello, I am new to the aquatic world and just got my first fish last Saturday: 1 betta and 5 tiger barbs (I've read that the tiger barbs can be aggressive towards bettas, but they were housed together at the pet shop and I haven't had any issues with them). Because of limited transportation (I...
  10. M00nshad0w

    Betta won't eat

    So I got a new betta but he refuses to eat this is day three I'm using Topfin betta pellets. What should I do. How can I get him to eat
  11. J

    HELP! Betta has dropsy!

    Hi, my beta fish has been looking strange for about a week, and I just did some Google searching and realized she has dropsy. She has the whole pinecone effect going on and is overweight looking and losing color. I need to know what to do to keep her from dying. Please help!
  12. B

    Sick Betta, Inflamed Gill?

    I'm so sorry if I'm posting to the incorrect forum, but I'm looking for help regarding a sick fish. I posted in another forum but wanted to get as much help as possible. Please let me know if I've violated any rules by posting here. Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to help heal my one year...
  13. L

    Male Betta being bullied

    I've had my tank for about 6 months now. I have a male Betta, 7 harlequin rasboras, 4 Cory catfish, and a common pleco. My Betta has never been an aggressive fish. He's super sweet and even comes to the top of the water to let me pet him. But recently, he's lost about a quarter of his tail fin...
  14. H

    betta poops grey but is still active, colorful, and eating?!

    Hello everyone! My betta started to poop grey a maybe two weeks ago? and my betta jumped out of my tank one week ago. He was out for a few hours most likely and is now recovering and regrowing well... however a few days after he jumped he had a normal poo... like exactly the same color as his...
  15. RyRy

    New Betta owner, looking for advice/opinions

    Hello everyone, My name is Ryan and I recently got myself a Betta (yay!) After contemplating it for a long time and doing god knows how much research into the care, likes, dislikes of betta fish me and my partner finally decided to take the plunge. We have a 64 litre love fish tank which we...
  16. ketandeshpande22

    Can anyone tell my betta is Half-moon or Full-moon

    Hi All , I brought my Red veiltail Betta on 2 days before and He is 6-8 months old. His name is Jimbo . I tried to keep him with other fish , but he tried to attack them so now I kept him in 5 gallons fishbowl. Can anyone tell he is Half-moon or Full-moon betta.
  17. smolfish

    I need a small bit of advice on what to do about possible dropsy!

    (2/28/17) So Elizabeth has been dead for a while now. His fins were clamped really bad and his fins were all ripped up (I got too lenient with him being out in the tank, I was so hopeful he was just fine). He was such a beautiful boy when I first got him, I wish I had known how to take better...