beginner questions

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  1. rebe

    My planted 105L Tank (28-29 Gal) and related questions

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your help on my posts so far. I have a couple of open threads on various topics but they often cross over and get confusing. So I'm making this general one for questions, discussions, and updates so that things don't get confusing. I will link my previous threads...
  2. B

    Beginner in fish tank hobby and I’m confused

    I need you guys help badly. I went fish store today and did my water test (water was on my 37 gallon tank been one day and filtered 24 hour) Ph 7.2 Nitrate 0 Kh 40 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Chlorine 1.0 Gh 75 employee told me wait couple more days and after that I can get small kind off fishes. I...
  3. C

    What should I put in my 10 gallon tank?

    hey guys :) I have just bought a 10 gallon tank after my betta died and I wanted to try something new. I'm looking for suggestions on how to stock it. At the minute I'm thinking about livebearers although I would only get males because I'm not wanting fry. Guppies? Platies? Mollies? Endlers...
  4. Beany81487

    Filter Media Confusion

    Hello all. I haven't been in the Aquatic hobby for long and as I'm doing my research I am getting hung up on filter media. Here's what I know so far... or what I think I know. Please feel free to constructively correct me. The order should be the following based on water flow pattern of...
  5. B

    Adding new plants to my co2 established tank

    Hi guys, I have a 36 gallon tank and was wondering what do you guys normally do/how is it suppose to be done when adding a new plant that wasn’t living in a co2 tank and transferring it into one that I dose daily with liquid co2. If that even makes sense? It’s a Madagascar lace Unfortunately...
  6. D

    20G High Questions/Ideas/Suggestions

    Hello All! I have tried to find some good forums for getting back into the hobby but none seem to be very active or as engaging as this one. I've run quite a few successful tanks in the past but havent done so in a while. I set-up a 20 gallon high, planted tank. Theres about 8 different plants...
  7. L

    Zebra Danios swim with nose to top

    I bought some Zebra Danios yesterday. Most are dead, but I've generally figured out what happened. 2 currently remain and I guess I have a question about their behavior. Fish A is a smaller one, the most energetic and will possibly be the last to survive. Fish B is bigger and less energetic...
  8. M

    New to tropical fish!

    Hey! So I recently decided to try Keeping tropical fish. Last Saturday I set up my tank (it’s a 48lt tank) and the lady at pets at home said if I used a bioactive tapsafe plus product I could actually get fish the next day. I was a little sceptical as I had read you must cycle the tank for a...
  9. A

    Rate Our Tank Set up!

    Hey! My husband and I have just set up our 64l tank and it is currently completing it's fish-less cycle. I have gone on **Advisor to try and figure out a good set up for our first small tank. We are planning on: 6x Guppies 5x Dwarf Cory 1x African Dwarf Frog (Not the clawed kind!) 2x Mystery...
  10. C

    New Tank Parameters, please advise

    Hey all! New to the forum. I have a 75 gal tank running with an Fx6 filter and heated to 74 degrees. Tank is decorated with little pebble stones and a huge piece of driftwood. That’s all for now. Tank was cycled for at least two weeks and fish were introduced. It’s been running for about a month...
  11. S

    When to introduce fish to aquascape

    Hi there, I’m setting up an aquascape using various low maintenance plants and azalea root (It has been soaking in my bath for the past week). The goal is to add some guppies to the aquarium at some point. I was wondering if you have any advice on how long to leave the plants to establish...
  12. S

    Filter Advice

    Hi there, I’ve just a second-hand aquarium and filter. It’s the Superfish Home 80 with the Aqua-Flow 300. As this is a second-hand tank, I’m giving everything a really good clean and I’m replacing the filter cartridge. From what I understand, the cartridge needs to be replaced every month, but...
  13. quinnARIUM

    Warm Cories (Not the Sterbai?!!)

    Hi everyone! I am planning on purchasing a school if 6 to 10 corydoras for my 75 gallon. Right now the temp is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but I will gradually raise the temperature to 82-84 degrees in preparation for the Discus I will eventually add to the tank. Now, of course I want Sterbai...
  14. C

    How often to feed the corys

    Hi there, Im relatively new to the hobby and I am wondering how much to feed my 6 peppered Cory in one tank and 7 albino (5 young) Cory in another tank. Everywhere always says what they can consume in 2-3 minutes. I do rotate but their main source of food is the hikari mini algae wafers but...
  15. C

    Can I put endler guppies in this tank

    Hi everyone, I have a 60 litre rectangular tank and currently it has 12 neon tetras and 1 male crowntail betta, also there is 6 peppered corydoras. Questim is, would it be okay to put 6 or 8 endler guppies in this tank along with what currently is in it? Any information would be great. Thanks