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  1. B

    Black Molly with White on Lips

    Hello! My balloon molly , Mom , has gotten sicks. I would prefer not to cull her if possible as she is my favorite molly and I'm quite attached to her. I will attach an image of her condition; the back of her dorsal fin also looks a little strange. The rest of my fish are healthy. I have a 10...
  2. E

    Poorly Balloon Molly

    Please can someone help, my molly has all of a sudden been swimming funny today and I have noticed split fins. I’m unsure if this is injury from fighting or fin rot, I did my research and made sure all tank mates are compatible to the best of my knowledge. I have 3 balloon mollies, 5 neon tetra...
  3. Dopatri

    Is my balloon molly pregnant?

    I bought my balloon molly roughly 4 weeks ago, however, this past week I’ve noticed she has more of a defined tummy than she did. Since I had her she did have a round belly but it does seem a little larger now. It also has a slight boxy look to it. It think it’s really hard to determine whether...
  4. G

    HELP! I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my balloon Molly

    Hi! I have a 20 Gal tank and I am relatively new to fish keeping. One of my ballon mollies started growing some white stuff on her gill and its been going on for a while. I kept her in a hospital tank for about a month treating her with anti fungal and ani parasitic medications but nothing...
  5. T

    Sudden Balloon Molly Death?

    So a balloon molly of mine (fairly new) began looking extremely round a few days ago. This happened to another molly of mine, who we thought was pregnant but ended up just developing her shape. This molly, however, became larger than any other molly in the tank. Yesterday I noticed she wasn’t...
  6. Chelipe831

    What is the gender of my Dalmatian lyre tail balloon molly?

    So I have a 20 gallon tank I will be putting a new Dalmatian Molly into but was wondering what is the gender of the fish?
  7. S

    Bumps or Warts on Balloon Molly

    Hi all, We have a balloon molly who has developed very large bumps on her side. They are the same color as her normal scales, they look like warts or something but they've gotten very big and no one has responded on any of the forums where we've posted, nor do the people at the pet store have...
  8. A

    Help: Is This A Balloon Molly (Golden One) & Is The Other Molly (W

    I got 2 Mollies like 3 days ago. I am sure the white one is a balloon molly but not sure about the other one (the golden one). Can some Molly Expert plzz tell me is the Golden one a Balloon molly an also is the other one (white one) pregnant??   Also, plzz notify is the golden one a male or a...
  9. J

    Balloon Mollies - How Old Until They Reach Full Size?

    Ok, so I have two young balloon mollies. They are 6 months old now but are only approx between 2.5-3cm in length. Considering mollies only live for between 1 and 2 years I was expecting them to be a bit larger by now. I have heard somewhere that when balloon mollies are inbred it can stunt...
  10. ranish

    Confused With New Balloon Mollies

    Got a couple of mollies but have no idea if they are going to drop fry. They are very confusing because they look big in the first place. Previous owner said that some may be pregnant. Please help. Any help welcome. I have attached some pics as well. Thanks
  11. A

    Is 36 Inches Fish Tank Enough For These Fishes?

    I am planning to buy an aquarium for following fishes:   3 Red tailed black variatus ( 3 inches each) 3 Balloon belly molly (3 inches each) 3 Glofish (2 inches each)   Is 36 inches tank enough (40 gallons enough), considering I have to decorate the tank with plants and other assortments? The...
  12. M

    How Long After Treating Ich Can New Fish Be Added

    about a week and a half ago i notice my balloon molly had ich so i moved her into a quarntine tank and treated her and the main tank was fine none of the other fish got ich and i moved her back into the tank and she is fine now how long should i wait before adding new fish. it was not a very bad...
  13. S

    Poorly Balloon Molly

    Hi, I'm new to fish keeping, was given a tropical tank as a present, has been running properly for about 4 months now, but my Balloon Molly seems to have become unwell and I really don't know what to do for her , please help if you can Tank size: 56litres I'm really sorry but I don't have a...
  14. asilisa2000

    Is She Pregnant?

    Since they are already bloated, I can't tell if she is pregnant. I have two females and one male. How do I post pictures?
  15. alexpb22

    Balloon Molly Sitting On Bottom Of Tank? Not Happy :-(

    Hi, I've just joined this forum as I'm looking for some advice regarding one of my Balloon Mollies. I have the Fluval Edge tank (I know it's not great), I only have two female balloon mollies in there and they have been there for a few months now. They were both happy at first although one of...