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  1. Z

    Assassins not assassinating

    I have a 300L freshwater which is inundated with trumpet snails. I have done some quick maths and the bottom of my tank is about 5000 sq CM. In any one 25 sq CM patch I can see (this obviously doesn’t account for those under the sand) about 25 snails average. So that means about 5000 trumpet...
  2. thrujenseyes

    My Assassin Has Finally Been Assassinated....i Think?!

    Hi guys!!  It's been quite a long while!  I'm coming to you after some really sad news...   I drove out to the fish store (Aquarium Center in Clementon NJ) which had been in business for 20 years and was simply amazing...  To find it had been shut down do to such a sad catastrophe. Someone had...
  3. Mamashack

    Ramshorn Snails As Assassin Snail Food - Have I Made A Mistake?

    I currently have 2 tanks: 1x30L with a male betta, an assassin snail and 3 amano shrimp 1x60L with platy population, 2 assassin snails and 4 amano shrimp. I got the assassins to clear up an influx of hitchhiker common snails. They seem to have got rid of those and I was concerned that they had...
  4. Mamashack

    Assassin Snail In Cycled/cycling Tank - Is This Ok?

    I have the 2 tanks as described in my signature. I had added one assassin snail to my 60L when I got hitch-hikers on the live plants I'd added previously. I've recently noticed that Wally (well he has a stripy jumper and I have to find him before I do anything else! lol) has been very sluggish...
  5. crmpicco

    Assassin Snails Sticking Together For Days At A Time

    I have three assassin snails in my tank and over the past three to four weeks I have noticed that two of them seem to stick to each other almost all of the time. One of the two that are always joined seems to have a strange "head", if you like, in the way that it looks a bit crusty rather than...
  6. crmpicco

    Baby Assassin Snail Care

    Hi, I have three adult assassin snails in my 70ltr tank at the moment that I bought about 4-5 months ago to deal with a pest snail problem I was having at the time. Between the snails and large water changes, they done their job, so i'm glad I got them. This morning, I spotted a baby assassin...