assasin snails

  1. Angeltold

    Two Assassin Snails and a Nerite (20G)

    Hi there 👋 I finally made a fish forum for all of my fishy questions. I bought a couple panda corys today, a couple AFDs, and i saw the Assassin Snails, and at first I thought they were so cool i HAD to buy them. SO i did (they tried to breed and i saw their mouth and im a little heeby geebied)...
  2. Balticbob

    Assasin snail babys

    Hi Folks Got so excited today, I just spotted 6 new baby assasin snails in my Aquarium! Sorry pics are not so good.
  3. Irksome

    My assassin snail population has tripled, is this a problem?

    I had no idea that my original trio had been reproducing successfully. I now have at least 6 baby ones. The only food they get is algae wafers which they seem to like, all pest snails have been eradicated for a year. So far my three nerites have been undamaged by them. Can I slow the breeding...
  4. Balticbob

    Assasin snails

    I have a few pics ere, and I want to know if these 2 assassins are mating?
  5. F

    Nerite, Mts, And Assassin Snail Questions

    So I'm renovating my 10G tank because I want to put sand in it and also want/have plants in it so I also want the sand to be airated and "fluffy" for them. So my questions are as follows: 1. I want to introduce MTS into my sand to keep the sand turned over and promote good root growth. I hear...