aquarium salt

  1. Juliak

    Ich Medication safe for peacock eel and kuhli loaches

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon planted aquarium that has been set up for about two years now, I recently bought new kuhli loaches for my LFS and unfortunately didn't quarantine them.😕🤦‍♀️ I now have ich and it is starting to spread among my other fish... here is my stocking: 55 gallon planted: 3...
  2. B

    Betta Fin Rot :( Desperate for help

    SORRY ITS LONG BUT PLEASE HELP!! Hi guys. I’m a betta beginner here and I really really am desperate for help. About 9 months ago I got a beautiful delta tail betta who was blue and red named, Itachi. Over the past few months Itachi’s fins became raggedy. I figured it was from being in a small...
  3. V

    Aquarium Salt with fish

    Redtailed Sharks, from Meijer. They were rescues from someone, we paid $6 each for four of them, one died so far after half a year. My question is, would adding a small amount of salt to their tanks help them as well? I haven't added anything to it at all, and we have well water, not even...
  4. A

    Opinions on aquarium salt with smaragdina?

    I'm setting up a 60l tank for B. smaragdina, hopefully the fish will go in in about a month (waiting for tank to cycle and breeder's females to grow out). I've seen mixed opinions on using aquarium salt with Betta, with some people swearing by it and other people saying to avoid. Does anyone...
  5. JMuth

    Tank Emergency; Gold fish is red, fish are lethargic, danio has ich

    Tank size: ~5 Gal. US pH:7.8 (This is what it has been since I started measuring) ammonia: >0ppm (just the slightest hint of green, not enough to put it at .25, but more than 0) nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 40 ppm kH: Unknown gH: Unknown tank temp: 80F Fish Symptoms (include full description...
  6. TO KYO

    Adding aquarium salt

    Hello, yesterday I added 15 ml of aquarium salt to my 20g tank, but today I need to do a 15-20% water change. How much salt should I add back?
  7. Mamashack

    Injured Platy - What To Do Now?

    What to do!! When I checked the tanks this morning was surprised to see a large red mark on the side of the adult female platy. She seems ok in herself, just injured. I suspect she'd been attacked by one/some of the 5 month old platy fry as their older sibling started a fight with adult male...
  8. RCA

    Female Fighter Peculiar Behaviour: Any Ideas Please?

    Tank size: Was in 215 Litres, moved to Quarantine 12 Litres yesterday.  Generally same readings on both aquariums. pH: 8.2 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20-40ppm (I find my test not brilliant at this, when I take a sample to the LFS it is usually 0) *kH: 100mg/L *gH: Between 125-250 mg/L tank...