1. F

    Filter Intake Tube Level

    Hi!! Just wondering if anybody may be able to send over some advice regarding my new filter. The intake tube (the part inside the tank that sucks up the water) is not as far down as my old filter was. My tank is vertical, hexagon shape not square so it’s tall! It’s an aqua clear filter, I’m...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    How to keep floating plants at bay

    I use a fair amount of floating plants because the fish enjoy hiding and napping in them and if I were to have any babies the new fry would have a place to hide. I've used java moss, frogbit and a number of other plants that don't mind floating and all they do is get sucked into the filter...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Problem with the Aquaclear 70 not snapping into position - any secret trick?

    I have nothing but Aquaclear filers 20, 50's and 70's - regardless of the filter I always fight snapping in that U tube so that it's level and the lid can fit on flat - if that doesn't happen the tube won't cover the impeller and the filter won't work. A few lucky times they've just snapped...
  4. Ciddire

    [Advice Needed] Terrible Luck With My Filter And Glasstop

    Greetings forum friends! It would appear that my penguin 200b filter is defective. I came home from work today and my filter was off. I plugged it in and out and was finally able to get it started. However, it is making a terrible grinding sound! See Youtube video here...
  5. F

    Over Filtration Is It Possible Or Is More Always Better?

    I have a 2 10gallon tanks each have 3 filters on them a aquaclear20 a whisper10 and a sponge filter for up to 25g. My question is are all my filters actually helping my tank adequately or is it just overkill and 3 would be as good as just one sponge filter? My tanks are all well planted as well...
  6. D

    Gradually Losing Female Guppy's

    Tank size: 34L Link pH: 7.5 ammonia: 1 ppm (4 ppm two days ago) nitrite: 1 ppm (0 two days ago) nitrate: 5 ppm (30 this morning) (0 two days ago) kH: N/A - I don't have a test for these. gH: N/A tank temp: 22 'c (I have it colder than usual for the weather loaches)   I am testing twice daily at...