apistogramma agassizii

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  1. Z

    Apistogramma with rams?

    Does anyone know the ability of apistos and rams in the same tank, 30gallon long. Heavily decorated, hardly space to see from one side to the other. Planing to make it more dense, and plenty of caves (from ground to top of water). The tree in the centre is flush side to side, and top to...
  2. Z

    30 gallon long, rescape, apistogramma

    I am doing one last group of purchase on Amazon before I do a large rescape of my apisto tank, and want know whether people have ideas about what to get, or anything they'd must have in an apisto tank. It is 120ltr, 30l. 100cmX30cmX40cm.
  3. Z

    Apistogramma Agassizii male or female?

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. They are around an inch in length, and I believe I've seen them colour yellow at points; however, I don't have an image of this. They have a faint black line through her tail fin; however, they also have black on their ventral fin. On their...
  4. B

    Apistogramma agassizii keep hanging around the top for oxygen

    I have recently added two apistogramma agassizii 'double red' to my aquarium, the fish were swimming around exploring the tank for most of the day. (The fish had previously been in a quarantine tank and had been eating and moving fine). At the end of the day, I noticed that both fish were at the...
  5. autyfish

    Stocking suggestions 37 gallon

    Okay so…tank is a 37 gallon high tank. There are 2 angelfish, 2 German blue rams, and 2 apistogramas and some Japanese trapdoor snails (they keep reproducing so I don’t know the number exactly). Am I fully stocked? Could we add a couple more fish? What would you suggest that like low ph and...
  6. autyfish

    Aquarium rock expert opinions

    Okay so, I need some help with aquarium decor. I bought these rocks by the pound from my local fish store (that is honestly a joke) and I was told all of these rocks are safe to be in an aquarium. However, the cave rocks are flaking and soft. I have apistogramas, and I know they prefer soft...
  7. davidjp1982

    (Pics / Video) Sick Female Apistogramma Agassizii - Red Spots - Rapid

    Can anyone help diagnose what is wrong with my female Apistogramma Agassizii - she has two red spots visible either side of her nose, she is rapid breathing with her mouth open. Her mouth looks quite red and raw inside and she is also slightly red under the gill and at the base of the fins near...