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  1. ella777

    Anyone else autistic?

    I'm autistic. Anyone else? Anyone actually tell people? I sometimes tell people online, then they start shouting at me saying 'stop using a problematic thing as an excuse' like what? People these days.
  2. LyraGuppi

    Will It Ever Go Away?!

    Okay, here we go.   It all started with my Platy, about two months ago. She was very lethargic and bloated, some slight pineconing. I Q tanked her for quite some time, until she finally pooed and was swimming a tad bit more. I put her back into my community tank and she was fine for a while...
  3. J

    Can't Keep Nitrate Level Down

    I wannt to keep my nitrate low but it comes out the tap around 20-25ppm which I know is fine for my fish as they have been alive for several years but recently wanted to breed my fish and I know nitrate over 20ppm kills most of the fry of as I have been told unless this is untrue, I was...
  4. Blubble37

    Slight Problem

    My dad likes to keep the house cold to save energy which it doesn't, it just means damp and more energy to heat it up It's about 11C in here, and my tank is struggling to keep it's head above 23 with both the heaters on. My main concern is that the heaters could burn out from prolonged use or...