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angelfish as tank mates

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  1. A

    Angelfish Aggression(?)

    I've had my angelfish for about seven months. They've been together in a 36 gallon, 2-foot high aquarium. Up until this point, they've been living peacefully, only chasing each other around now and again. Other than that, they seemed okay with each other, swimming closely without getting nosey...
  2. fisharecool789

    good tank mates for angel fish ?

    hello ! i just adopted a really pretty pair of angelfish from a friend who is moving. i am cycling a 30 gallon for them since she kept them in a 10 gallon for nearly 3 years ! i am wondering about some great tank mates for angel fish. i am looking for good catfish/bottom feeders, as well as some...
  3. grymeths

    Getting a new tank and need a second opinion

    Hello fellow fishkeepers! This is going to be a long post so please bear with me! I am new to fishkeeping - used to have them when i was younger but wasn't really paying attention, and was just reintroduced into this world again a few weeks ago! Unfortunately i currently only have a 5 gallon...
  4. P


    my 30-gallon tank currently has one angelfish and 5 platies living in it. Things are going great and all the fish seem very happy and healthy. I soon want to add more additions as I have plenty of room to do so. I plan on getting a single male dwarf gourami, either honey or powder blue to add...
  5. TheresaK

    Guppy With Torn Fins

    Hello. I have a ten gallon tank with four male guppies, two female guppies, one pleco, one black ghost knife, two goldfish and two angelfish. I know it's very overcrowded and the species are mixed but I like it that way. Don't tell me that I'm a irresponsible fish keeper or what. Today when I...