albino cory catfish

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  1. C

    Cories Panting - At a loss!

    Hi all, New to this forum. I've had a betta for about two years and recently decided to expand into cories. My local tropical fish store is run by hobbyists and has high reviews, so I decided to trust them when I bought two pepper and one albino cory to accompany my betta in my 10 gallon tank...
  2. Frank228

    What’s wrong with my catfish?

    Hello this is Draco I’ve had him for about a year now and his stomach is getting pretty big. I’m not sure if he may be a she and is pregnant but I don’t have another catfish in there so I don’t know if it’s just going to lay infertile eggs. Draco is very active and zooms around but the stomach...
  3. Tez_20

    Two new albino cory catfish 3 months old

    Well i have 14 cory's and it's nearly every week they're breeding but when these two popped up out the blue at midnight i was ? as they lay the eggs on my filters but the pressure in the tank forces them off into the water. They kept themselves hidden under my centre ornament where the air...
  4. I_love_my_bettas

    One of my albino Cory cat fish are missing!!

    Hi so I have a 10 gallon tank with one docile male betta, one mystery snail, 3 ghost shrimp and one albino Cory catfish, but yesterday I bought two more for my tank and well I woke up today and one was missing? There is no trace of it anywhere I checked if it had possibly jumped out of the tank...
  5. jucieso

    Cory catfish dancing?(!)

    First, hi there, I’m very new to the forum so sorry if I don’t know how this works. Second, I’ve owned 2 albino Cory catfish in the past, but after they died I got 2 new ones about a month or so ago. Up until yesterday, they’ve been fine. I’ve made no new changes to the water recently and it’s...
  6. P


    hi all! :) i'm new to fishkeeping and i need some help on identifying what sickness my cory has. about 2 weeks ago i got 2 albino corys and 6 neon tetras. the corys seemed to be healthy. a few days later, i noticed that one of my corys had a split tail and short dorsal fin (as if they were...
  7. Crazy_fish_mom


    I'm new to the forum thing but I'm excited to share what I know. I currently have these fish and tanks: 10gallon Mr. Whiskers-Gourami Rebel-Betta Adam-Cory Catfish 6 ghost shrimp- unnamed 5 gallon Midnight-Betta Cory 1&2- Cory catfish 2.5 gallon Luka-Betta 2 gallon Phoenix- Betta...
  8. T

    Help! Cory Catfish Suddenly Dying.

    Hello, I purchased a Betta in February. Shortly after I got 2 Albino Cory Catfish to live with my Betta. Things went well so I got a third Cory in the beginning of March. I have a 3.5 gallon tank and I have some moss balls in it. I brought the water in to Petsmart and they tested it for me...
  9. V

    White Lumps On Albino Cory Catfish

    I was wondering if someone could help me. one of my albino cory cats has little white lumps on it's body on both sides. they look a bit like warts and seem to be clumped together. it seems really happy and has been eating and swimming better than ever. I've noticed that he's been pecking at some...