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  1. V

    How long should I leave on the air pump?

    I don't want it on 24/7 as it creates quite a lot of noise. I wrapped a towel around it to make it quieter, but the noise is noticeable. Every few minutes it turns itself off for a few seconds before coming back on.
  2. R

    Air Stone change from Filter

    Hello, So, yesterday 7/17/22 we did a full tank clean. This time though we took out the filter system and replaced it with an air stone due to our cats continually using the filter as a watering dish. Prior to cleaning tank it had developed black algae almost every time we would clean it. I...
  3. A


    I am thinking about getting a Black Moor Goldfish. I was wondering what size of tank would be best and if a filter would be needed? At first I was thinking a 5 gallon tank with an air stone, but I’ve seen several people saying they must have a 20 gallon at least? Would a 10 gallon tank be big...
  4. C

    Air Stones

    Hi, I'm running am air stone in my 105L tank but whenever I turn it on it disturbs whatever is on the water surface and makes the water look awful My question is, should I just run it and see if it's all filtered out or should I keep it off? Thanks
  5. Rocksie

    Air stone set-up question

    I bought an airpump and an Underwater Treasures Bubble Mist Complete Air Kit that includes: 4" Airstone, Plastic "T", 2 suction cups, 2 control valves, 10' tubing. And NO instructions! Where do I put the plastic "T"? I guess I need to cut the tubing? Where do I put the Control Valves? Should...
  6. Boris_yo

    Did My Air Pump Degrade In Efficiency?

    Good day. I think my air pump degraded in efficiency because it initially it pulled air bubbles from both sides (of airstone?) and now it is from left side. Today after cleaning aquarium, it even pulled air bubbles intermittently. My air pump was always set on its highest power by the way and...
  7. S

    Newbie Confusion

    So I just got a new Juwel Rekord 700 as a birthday present and I'm very eager to set it up but I'm confused about a couple of stuff. I set everything up according to the instructions but was wondering whether anything else should be added pump wise? For example air pumps? Also are airstones...