african cichlds

  1. itiwhetu

    First algae disc for my cichlids

    Electric Yellows first algae disc
  2. crunch7

    How to treat Internal Parasites and sunken belly in African Cichlids ( Malawi) using metro

    Hi , My main tank a 75 gallon 4.5 feet long African Malawi Cichlid community tank with some 25 odd has been infected by internal parasites as I have noticed few fish are having sunken belly and stringy white poop. I have done the following already since past 4 weeks. I am keeping them on...
  3. K

    African Cichlid Sitting A The Bottom of The Tank

    Hi All, I have a relatively new tank ( about a month and a half or so old) and have had 3 casualty’s so far. 1 yellow lab ( about 1.5cm )had a patch on its stomach left side like it was bitten off. Never healed, he stopped eating and was sitting at the bottom of the tank breathing hard. I...
  4. Demeter32

    29gal Shell-Dweller Colony

    Set up the old cichlid fry tank and turned it into a home for Neolamprologus multifasciatus aka the multi banded cichlid! I've been looking for these bad boys for at least a year. Finally found some and they were not cheap. I bought 5 for 15$ a piece, so 75$ for approx. 4 inches of fish... Let's...