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  1. Stefan3289

    75 gallon additional stock pondering

    Hello all, So my current tank standing is 1 Red spotted severum 1 EBA 1 Synodontis catifsh 3 bosemani Rainbowfish 6 PB parrot convicts (Just picked up two this morning as two disappeared last time I posted, likely died and got cleaned up by my syno) I was wondering, first, would it be possible...
  2. Stefan3289

    Disappearing fish?

    Hello all, So I have a 75g community tank, current stocking is: 1 red spotted severum 1 EBA 1 Synodontis catfish 4 PB parrot convicts 3 bosemani rainbows My prior stocking last week when I was doing a water change was 6 PB convicts and 4 rainbows in addition to the rest. I have not been...
  3. Fiabee06

    37 gal Stocking Advice

    Hey guys! I have kept fish many times before, but nothing quite as big as Im tackling now! My 37 gallon with the topfin 40 filter and live plants is still in the cycling stage (pictured on profile banner). I dont plan on adding any fish for about a month. Ive been doing lots of research about...
  4. Stefan3289

    Thoughts on peacock goby?

    Hello all, I was debating to get a peacock goby with my Cories and harlequin rasboras. Would this work? I haven’t seen them get talked about much so hopefully someone could have some advice for caring for them. Here’s my water parameters 29g Ammonia: .1 (doing water change today) Nitrite: 0...
  5. Stefan3289

    Thoughts on this stock?

    So I have a 29 gallon currently have 9 Cories, I originally had mollies but was told they should not be in soft water so I have returned them. Here’s what I was thinking of adding: 6 celestial danos 10 tetras (not sure which one) 9 Cories (that are currently in there) Would this work? Here...
  6. Stefan3289

    Angel fish as centerpiece in Molly tank?

    Hello all, So I originally had 6 Cories and 7 mollies in my 29 gallon, all was great for a few months, but I am now down to 6 Cories and only 4 mollies. 2 got bent spine/ some neurological issue, I assume from bad genetics, and one of them had prolapse, so sadly nothing I could do :( I was...
  7. Stefan3289

    Molly gave birth, need advice!

    Hello all, So I noticed today my Molly, who I didn’t know was pregnant as I was treating the tank for intestinal worms I thought she just had a lot of worms and bloated, laid fry. I’ve counted 4 of them, and I’m not sure what I should do now. I don’t have a nursery tank, and nor will my parents...
  8. Stefan3289

    75 gallon SA cichlid stocking advice

    Hello all, I made a post a few days ago but go no replies so I’ll try my luck again. So currently I have a 75g (284L) tank that I’ve had for about 3 years now and was wondering if I would be able to add any new additions and what some suggestions would be. Stock 1 synodontis (6”) 1 Red...
  9. Stefan3289

    Internal parasite treatment help

    Hello, After discussing on another thread it looks like I will treat with flubenzadole. I’m in the US and the product that I found is called “cloverleaf absolute wormer plus” which has it as their main ingredient. However, they say treatment is .08g per 10 gallon. I’ve seen on other threads it...
  10. Stefan3289

    Which water conditioner to use?

    Hello all, So I read a thread that was on the forum where some people discussed water conditioners benefits and disadvantages and I had some questions I currently use prime, but I saw some people say it was not the best for planted tanks as it can remove some of the nutrients plants need like...
  11. Stefan3289

    Is my tank getting ich

    Hello all, I just was starting my weekly water change on my 75 South American cichlid tank and I noticed one of my rainbow fish has a white bump on her side. My severum has had a white bump on his fin for a few weeks but he is fine I am not sure what that is as he shows no other symptoms. I...
  12. jessicarf00

    help- betta fin rot?

    just this week i noticed my betta, harry’s, fins looking jagged/ a little shredded? nothing else seems very different about him, so i don’t know if something is wrong with him he’s my first and only fish, by himself in a cycled and heated/filtered 10g tank. he has live plants (swords, floating...