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  1. V

    What is a breathing bag?

    So, I was looking into why people do drip acclimation for shrimp rather than floating the bag, I came across the term breathing bag. I looked it up and it looks the same as any fish bag. But I read that nonbreathing bags are the standard. How would you tell the difference? I would get shrimp...
  2. V

    Just got some freshwater clams from the lake

    I don't know much about them, but I do know that they're basically bulletproof cleaners like snails. I am acclimating them just in case. I've heard that they won't die except when opened, and that their cleaning abilities could even replace the need for having a filter. So, I'm excited. But I'm...
  3. V

    How do you take fish out without putting water in tank?

    I've seen in discussion that you shouldn't add store water to the tank when putting in new fish. I get it, but how would you do that? The net is too big to fit in the bag to only scoop the fish out. I don't understand how you would get the fish out without adding the water they come with. I'd...
  4. G

    Mystery of the Dying Tetras

    Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 pH 7.3 gH 200 ppm Chlorine 0 Tanks - 10gal, heavily planted with hornwort, java moss, and amazon swords, gravel bottom with cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and two honey gourami. I use a strip of LEDs for illumination. I have purchased 3 rounds of cardinal tetras...
  5. Annemarie

    Betta Community Tank

    Hello! As some of you may know I have a 29 gallon aquarium with the following: 1 Honey gourami male, 5 neon tetras (working on getting more after one died a while ago), 4 nerite snails, a ghost shrimp, and 1 kuhli loach (store only had one but I’m also working on getting more). My sister has a...
  6. H

    Need Advice to Acclimate Guppies, Aquaponics

    I am moving 3 guppies (1 make, 2 female) to a larger tank. They are to go from a 5 gallon aquaponic system to a 35 gallon aquaponic system. The 5 gallon system is set to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, has a couple filters with mechanical and established biological filtration, decent aeration, and live...
  7. BettaPonic

    Saltwater Guppies.

    I am experimenting on saltwater Guppies and I thought I would show them off while I work with them.
  8. CJH0825

    Drip Acclimation

    I see people still doing the " floating the bag " in the tank as a acclimation process. I was wondering why it is that more people don't do the drip acclimation process?   I'll never float a bag again after doing the drip. It's so much easier and less stressful on the fish I think. When you...