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  1. ukdamon

    Warning about Fluval 60L 7000K LED

    I recently purchased a 60L Fluval Edge Aquarium with integrated filter and LED lighting. It's a lovely sized tank, but I wanted share a couple of issues with you in case you're thinking of getting one. The LED light is great, and super bright. It does have 3 modes. White, White & Blue and...
  2. fishperson100

    60 useful posts?

    Hello everybody! So I was reading through the rules one day when I found that you are supposed to have 60 useful posts before you are allowed to use the chat room. So my question is, how do you figure out if you have 60 useful posts? I may think my posts are useful, but others may not.
  3. LaurenRhiain

    Best Cichlids For 60Ltr Tank?

    Hey all! I now have an empty fully cycled 60 litre tank which I'm going to clean and water check before re-stocking.  I was wondering what the best sort of Cichlids would be for a 60 litre tank? I really need some help and info on this as I'd love to keep Cichlids of a smaller size- any...
  4. R

    Juwel Rekord 60 Correct Water Level For Pump/filter

    Hello guys, I need your advice re my Juwel Rekord 60. I just bought and install it, and after I've fulled it with water I just notice 2 different cycles for how the pump is working: 1. If the water level is exactly aligned with the line shown by the filter sticker, than every 15 sec the pump...