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  1. H

    Colourful medium sized tropical fish for a 55 gallon ?

    pH- 7.0~ Hardness- 7dGH Current stock- 15 Longfin zebra danios, 5 Harlequin rasboras, 1 BN pleco, 4 Kuhli loaches, 1 Albino rainbow shark I want some colourful medium sized fish around 4-5 inches to sit in the middle section of the tank as it looks empty right now. I've looked at some angels...
  2. E

    Suggestions: Tankmates for non-competitive fish?

    Hi guys. I currently have a 55 gallon aquarium (101cm x 41cm x 50cm) up and running with the following fish: 8 Bronze Corys 6 Corydoras duplicareus 4 Amano Shrimp 6 Otocinclus (Soon) and I might be getting some Psuedomugil luminatus (Red Neon Rainbow) soon. My water is fairly hard, and my pH...
  3. E

    55 Gallon Stocking

    Hello, Just wanted to get some opinions on my stocking for a planted 55gal: 2 x German Blue Ram 5 x Pentazona Barb 6 x Silver Hatchetfish 8 x Cardinal Tetra 6 x Bronze Cory 6 x Adolfoi Cory And then if this goes well and I want more, I'll probably get a pair of Golden Rams. Thoughts?
  4. A

    Stocking 55g tank

    Idea for multiple fish to interact with a bichir peacefully, Dgh 2.5 pH 7.5
  5. Ellphea

    Considering adding a fish

    I currently have a well established 55gal stocked with the following: 1 ropefish/reedfish 3 bronze cories 3 sterbai cories 1 pearl gourami 1 gold gourami 1 upside down catfish I was wondering if I could safely add another fish species, preferably something colorful and active to liven up the...
  6. Demeter32

    Former Newbie's African Cichlid Experience

    Brief history of how I got into keeping African: 17 year old me was observing the fish in the dreaded Walmart when I looked into the "Assorted Cichlids" tank and saw a lovely 2 inch white and black fish and a slightly smaller dark blue one. I knew what Africans were and all I had in my 20gal at...
  7. simonero

    Not An Emergency Yet, But..... With This Level Of Consistent Ph Droppi

    I have a 55gal freshwater aquarium.  Recently the pH dropped from ~neutral to ~6.4.   Got worried, bought some supplies, went on chat to discuss it.   Within just a couple days, it is now down to 6.0.  This is frightening, because I added a bubble stone and half a cup of aragonite sand (in a...
  8. J

    Hello! Newbie! & Question About My Mbuna Tank!

    hello! i am new to the forum & new to keeping african cichlids!  i just recently set up a new 56gallon setup with a few currently in it. i have been keeping fish for almost 4 years or so but have always kept smaller, community fish and aquatic plants. this tank currently has a fluval 306 and a...
  9. Zeoth

    Super Aggressive Rusties

    Hey guys,   So I have a 55 Gal with the following stock:   Yellow-Tailed Acei x7 Yellow Lab x  7 Demonasi x1 Rusties x7 All fish are juveniles,the largest fish are 3 inches max at best.   The rusties are by far the most aggressive fish in the tank. They chase other fish, who come even remotly...
  10. ellosunshinee

    Setting Up A New 55 Gal..need Advice

    Hey everyone. I am new to the community. Hello! I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium. I acquired this aquarium from my parents who did not take care of the tank at all. They really knew nothing about fish it seems. They had one of each species. I tried to rid this tank of problems but I am not...