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  1. cocoa007

    My 30L Cube

    Hi Finally I put some artificial plants in my tank and I am uploading pics here. Its still very rudimentary but my fish are happy.   Volume: 30 L Dimensions : 13*13*11" Fauna: 4 Guppies Flora: artificial/plastic   front view       side view:       :)
  2. R

    30L/8G Nano Betta Home

    Hey guys, so as some of you may know I was gifted a little friend for my birthday. His name is Fred and he is a blue Betta. At the moment he's living in a 1 gallon glass box because that's all I have.   Here we have Fred's current home (worst. place. ever).     Some pics of Fred:      Well...
  3. Ny82


    Hi folks, so I have a 30L tank which was originally set up as a fry tank. Fry have been moved to the main tank because I saw a chocolate/gold siamese fighter and had to have him. Long story shot the tank is filthy and needs stripped. I will document everything as I am doing it.        Picked up...
  4. Mamashack

    New 30L Betta Tank

    Well I've been asked to show what I'm doing with my 30L set-up for a betta. After 30 days of fishless cycling the tank is now ready for an occupant! I've purchased this fella and he's a real beauty! Will be collecting him on Monday. Am a  bit concerned as he seems to be a dragon and Wildbetta...
  5. Spaino

    Sick Neon Tetra & Mollie

    Hi guys - new to this forum and to fishkeeping. We bought our first tank in January this year (2012). We bought a 30L BiOrb (not the round space helmet looking one). It has a rock base (not sand) and various ornaments and plastic plants. We have a heater and use the air filter that came with it...