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  1. Tl52505

    Rocks turning colors

    I just noticed these weird spots on a plant in my betta tank, and the dragon stone is turning a grayish blue, it used to be all tan. What could be going on, and could it be harmful to the fish
  2. Circus

    Redoing 3 Gallon

    So, I have decided to completely redo my currently empty 3 gallon for a new betta. I already have a new light on it ($7 clip on desk lamp from target). I will be putting in black sand and some kind of centerpiece rock (if petstore has single pieces of dragonstone I will get that) and a dense...
  3. Annemarie

    Betta fin rot

    Hello! So I went away for a while on a trip and while I was gone my sister seems to have forgotten that fish aren’t just toys and completely avoided doing any water changes. I did a major one immediately once I got home (3 gallon tank with nerite snail) and noticed some black on his fins. Now...
  4. Annemarie

    Betta cloudy eye

    hello! So I’ve had an aquarium with a betta for about a month now. There’s some plants, a little bit of algae (but we’re taking care of it), a good filter, and a heater that keeps the water at about 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit. The ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are in healthy amounts (0,0, and a...
  5. Annemarie

    Ammonia stuck at 1

    Hello! So a family member of mine decided to purchase a fish tank for my sister for Christmas. They got her a 3 gallon (after I told them months in advance a 1 gallon would not be enough) and small 2.5 inch betta. They set up the tank with her on Christmas, put in water that had been left out...
  6. MiloMn

    Molly Fry In 3 Gallon Tank?

    So My Dalmatian-Gold Spot Molly has had alot of fry since we got her from the pet store. I usually just let nature take its course, But 2 crafty fry have survived for a while so I got a breeder net for them. They stayed there for a while but they got too big and my platy got very stress and...
  7. TallTree01

    Dymax Iq5

    Dymax IQ5   Summary   A 3 gallon acrylic mini tank with built in filter chambers. Very nice looking tank and can fit just about anywhere. Filtration is capable.   How long have you owned this product? As of the 27th August 2013 Ease of Use (if a product)   Easy to use and install. A convenient...
  8. K

    New To Aquariums Bought A 3 Gallon Tank

    Hi Tropical fish forums, I am new to the aquarium world and was looking for some advice to get started. I have owned a couple of Beta fish before always in a vase like bowl with a peace lilly ontop. I have bought a 3 gallon aquarium (which I know is small) and I wanted some advice on how to...